Who am I anyway?
After 25 years as an
award winning
advertising Execu-
woman I'm on a
campaign to inspire
women to unzip their
inner joy through
my writing, paintings
and transformational
speaking. To find out
more about me
over here.

Do you know a Goddess
of Transformation?

Each month we'll honor
a woman who has
changed her life or
someone else's. 

Contact me to
nominate yourself or
another goddess
(and tell me why).

Take it one candle at a time.

You don’t have to be Jewish to love Hannukah.

It’s The Festival of Lights. And a celebration of miracles.

Here’s the story: Over 2,000 years ago, a small band of faithful Jews fought one of the mightiest armies on earth to take back their temple.

Everything had been destroyed except a small [...]

A Vacation From Should.

Remember those endless summer days of just “hanging out” when you were a kid? (When a vacation wasn’t a few days you guiltily grabbed, along with your laptop and cellphone.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the should’s, the have to’s and the ought to’s of adult life for a while?

I used to [...]

My favorite gurus have green hair.

My inbox is packed with inspirational messages.

My shelves are stuffed with transformational books.

Yet, the teachers I learn the most from never say a word.

They just stand there.

Strong. Sturdy. Unshakable.

I’m in awe of trees.

They wear their seasons so gracefully.

From vibrant blossoms to twisted trunks and gnarled branches.

Isn’t it funny how we can see the beauty in every age and stage of a tree’s life ( even without Botox, fillers or tummy tucks).

But we’re not nearly as embracing of our own.

What if we could view our own dark circles as rings of wisdom?

(I’m working on it but won’t be giving up my Bobbie Brown concealer anytime soon.)
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