Who am I anyway?
After 25 years as an
award winning
advertising Execu-
woman I'm on a
campaign to inspire
women to unzip their
inner joy through
my writing, paintings
and transformational
speaking. To find out
more about me
over here.

Do you know a Goddess
of Transformation?

Each month we'll honor
a woman who has
changed her life or
someone else's. 

Contact me to
nominate yourself or
another goddess
(and tell me why).

My Mother, The Dragonfly.


When hundreds of red dragonflies literally flew into my life,I realized they had a story to tell.

Little did I know, my very own 81-year old mother would be part of that story.

But first things first.

Did you know that dragonflies spend much of their lives (up to four years) crawling around [...]

I’m full. Before we even start the feast.

My heart is full of thanks for you.

Thank you  for letting my perfectly imperfect paintings and divine musings and schmoozings with you.

Thank you for sharing your stories, your feelings and the wisdom of your hearts with me.

It’s been a tough year for me. [...]

What you see really is what you get.

See the Best (cropped)

So, the other day, my 17- year old Rebel-Without-A-Cause-Of-A-Son, had a teenage temper tantrum and slammed the front door so hard, it literally broke.

Instead of breaking down myself, I took Lucky, (my furry, more cooperative son), out for a walk, a prayer and a good cry.


Her story could transform yours.

Wendy Sue Noah: First Goddess of Transformation.


To me, a Goddess of Transformation is someone who has struggled. And has discovered the gifts of her struggle.

By finding what’s right when things go wrong, she changes the circumstances of her life. And inspires others to do the same.

Wendy Sue [...]

Change your mind. And see what else changes.

Everyday, stuff happens. But we can choose how to wrap our minds around it. [...]