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Oh my goddess! This is really becoming real.

I started doodling the words “Oh My Goddess” on a piece of paper 18 years ago.

All this time, I’ve had a vision of inspiring other women to be true to themselves and their dreams.

Honestly though, there have been plenty of times when my dream seemed like  a hand-painted figment of my imagination.

But I’m thrilled to say that has finally started to change.

Here’s a real live story about me and women making transitions in The Huffington Post. (You won’t believe who got top billing over me.)

And I’m  “Goddess of The Week” on The Goddess Diaries by Tabby Biddle.

But this isn’t just about me.

It’s about anyone with a dream simmering in the crock pot of their soul.

Even if it feels like you don’t have don’t have the time or resources to make it a reality right now, keep stirring it with a little love everyday.

Here are 3 simple ways to say “yes” to your dream (even when your life says “no”):

1. Day dream. The next time you’re stuck in traffic, washing the dishes or walking the dog, imagine what it would FEEL like to be living your dream. Have fun with it. It’s your mental movie. Make it as over-the-top and “unrealistic” as you want.

If you’ve always wanted to run a bed and breakfast, where is it?  Is it a quaint cottage in Carmel ? A castle in Ireland? What kinds of flowers are you putting on the breakfast table?  How does it feel serving wine and cheese to fascinating guests from all over the world?

2. Do something. Okay, so you can’t give up your day job. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up altogether.

Let’s say you’re a lawyer, longing to create your own gourmet cookie company.  You could try different recipes and give cookie gifts to teachers, business associates and everyone you know. Think of it as  research and development.

And how about brainstorming names  for your “pretend” company? Maybe even see if can get the domain name. (It costs just $10.69  on Godaddy.) Even if you don’t use it for years, you’re taking a real, live step in the direction of your dreams.

3. Talk about it. So many of us are afraid that if we talk about our dreams and visions, people will think we’re crazy,unrealistic or just plain  (your word here). But I’ve found that there’s tremendous power in giving voice to our dreams.(And the more I do, the more come true.)

I suggest finding a safe, supportive friend or two. Form a “dream support team.” Allow each other to play “what if”  without figuring out “how.” (“But” and “can’t” aren’tt allowed. Neither is bubble-bursting.)

If  you’re not ready to unzip your dreams to another person, how about in your journal?

Or, better yet, share them here.

You’ve been so supportive of my dream. I’d  be honored to do the same for you.

So, what delicious dreams do you have cooking inside of you?

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21 comments to Oh My Goddess! This is becoming real.

  • Well… appropriately… I didn’t really think I had TIME (why don’t they have an italic capability on these blogs?) to open your latest entry… I knew I wanted to, but oh my oh-n nagging “MIND” was sternly and tenaciously reminding me that I need to schedule as many students as possible this week before slamming to get down to LA to do as much networking as I can, input as many of the now 1500 or so receipts I’ve neglected to input in the past year in order to get my taxes done in time for October, search for auditions, prop up students, do bookkeeping for lessons, etc… all in an effort to make me feel like I’ll have earned my “later in life” successes about which I dream but often feel I am fooling myself about. Inner voice: “Oh puleeze… who do u think you are kidding? Age 58, even if you ARE more fit than most people your age… even if you HAVE been successfully booking principal and starring roles in films more now than ever… even if you DO get consistently fabulous feedback from casting directors whenever you have the chance to read/perform for them… even if you presently DO live in Northern California (and how realistic is it that you will have the energy to do the back and forth thing again to LA?)… even if you have more energy and are more disciplined than most people on this planet… you’re 4 years older and one total knee placement later than when you last tried it! Why do YOU deserve to have your career take off when so many of your other LA friends have toughed it out there while you moved to cushier but more acting-job free Northern CAlifornia? How many roles for aging unknown character actresses are there really to be had in t.v.? ” and then… I read about the dragonflies… and it reminded me that I am one… My colors are richer than ever… and I’m flying now… more than ever in my youth! so thanks Wendi, for being the compelling writer you are that just made me stop and read your blog. I think I wanna take that name as my own. Dragonfly Devin. i like the ring of it. You? Gotta fly now… receipts to be inputted and dreams to bring to life…

    • I love that, Dragonfly Devin…certainly more elegant than my previous nickname for you….So happy that I could be an inspiration….
      Gotta fly…that’s a good one!

  • This is beautiful, Wendi!! I love the practical steps you list for getting our dreams to come true. This was so inspiring and useful – and so beautifully written! I passed this on to my dearly beloved twin sister who I know will enjoy it as well! Thank you for being a Goddess and being true to your Goddess Self!

    Catherine DeMonte, LMFT

  • Wendi,
    Thank you for doing what you do. Since the Top 12 Spirited Woman Summer Pick came out (of which you and I are both on the list) several of my friends have found you and are thrilled, as I am. You are the voice that we all have, we all hear, but for some of us it is drowned out. You help us to hear it! Thank you for that! I love the bit about keeping our dreams alive by “stirring it with a little love every day.” I am tucking that phrase into my heart.

    • Dear Lisa,
      This means the world to me. It has taken some courage for me to unzip my truth in this way. And for me to know that
      it resonates with you and your friends makes my heart sooooooo happy. Much gratitude and love.

  • Luana

    Yes Wendi, taking real steps everyday, that’s the key, imagine like it is happening now! Living a bit of the dream everyday until becomes a true full time reality!

  • Barby D. Cahill

    I am very focused on all things wedding! Darby and Reece’s wedding is in 23 days. There is lots to do & create for her special day. Loving your blog today, helping me to realign my dreams and even stretch for more. Oh, my Goddess, you inspire me.

    XOXO Barby

    • 23 days…yikes. I’m surprised you even have time to write. I had tea with Marianne yesterday. She said you signed up for the group.
      I know you have lots of creativity bursting to come out. Great hearing from you. And good luck with it all. xoxo

  • Valorie

    WOW!! – I think that has to be for “WHOO OOOOO WENDY!” today! (Cue ‘Twilight Zone’ music) I’m reading The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, which, of course, was a very serendipitous suggestion of one of my Fristers (Those are friends who are really my Sisters). Anyway, last night before I turned off the light to slide over into my dream life what I read prompted me to write down a description of my Dream Life – the big one that I want to live in my waking hours. As I did, I felt that shift that comes with the knowing that it was time, time to get ready for the next big adventure in my life! So, here we are again, Wendy, in the same brain lane … and your blog – on this topic – shows up in my inbox! Thanks for the synchronicity of this. You are Goddess hitting the ‘like’ button on my life and my dreams!!!

    AND … You soooo did not get second billing! The entire article is about you Goddess!! The author simply had Miley and Betty as bookends to anchor the story and point out that this process can happen at any age!! So, WOW – WHOOO OOOO WENDY – Goddess is hitting the ‘like’ button on your dream!!! I’m so glad that it is coming true for you, Frister!!! Huge Hugs ~ Valorie

  • Krikit

    Since I could pick up my 1st crayon and place it to any nearby surface (sorry mom) I’ve been a “creationist.” I use that word (instead of artist) because I’ve consistently found myself artistically creating in just about every way I can think of

    From the clothes I designed and made for myself growing up (and then my daughter — until she was in JR High and it wasn’t “cool”), to designing the interiors of rooms in my dwellings, to experimenting with new ways to combine foods & cooking fab meals, to painting giant (13.5′ x 42′ has been largest so far) murals, to crocheting, to furniture refinishing, etc…

    If I was stranded somewhere with nothing more than a stick, a shoelace, and a broken piece of pottery, I’d figure out something to create with them. My DREAM is to make a living doing what comes so naturally to me.

    It’s not what I do, It’s WHO I am. ~:)

    • I love that term “creationist. I can totally relate. And hope that dream of yours becomes a reality. In his book The Big Leap,
      Gay Hendricks calls that LIVING IN YOUR GENIUS ZONE….when what you do comes from who you are.From your lips to goddess’ ears.
      You deserve it.

  • Congratulations, Wendi! Your voice is a calm breeze on a summer night! xoxox Merrilyn

  • My dream is to reawaken women to the Divine Feminine and the Goddesses that they are. I want to help shine the light on women around the world so that women (and men) can experience themselves in their fullest self-expression and glory. I dream of doing this by creating a Goddess Lifestyle business — offering classes, courses and retreats that help women tap deeper into their sacred souls through movement, dance, meditation, journaling, yoga, art, and sister sharing. As a writer and journalist, I plan to amplify the voices of women changemakers so that other women can hear their message around the world. My ultimate goal is to bring women together as sisters so that we may all experience the power and glory of the feminine.

    Thanks for asking this question Wendi and holding the space for goddess dreams!

    Oh My Goddess!!


    • Dear Tabby,
      You are doing a beautiful job of amplifying women’s voices. I feel so privileged to be one of them.
      I love how we are on such a similar path—each in our own unique way. I am so grateful to be in your goddesshood.
      And to see how we can help each other’s dreams unfold.

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