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What makes your heart dance?

It’s almost Valentines Day. My absolute favorite holiday.

I just love a day that’s all about Love.

But, this year, there’s a lot more than hearts and flowers on my mind.

I am totally moved by a movement called One Billion Rising.

This Thursday is V-day.

One billion people all over the world will be dancing to end violence against women.

I can’t think of anything more important. Or urgent. (Did you know that 1 in 3 women will be abused or raped in their lifetime?)

But  here’s the thing:

I am not in a dancing mood.

I’m kinda embarrassed to say that.

But the truth is, I just came back from seeing my mother in a very depressing nursing home.

And I’m also very shaken that my only son is away at a therapeutic boarding school.

There’s a voice inside my head (yep, Edna) who keeps ranting about  how selfish it is to be thinking about myself when women all over the world are suffering through much worse things than I am.

I’ve tried to talk myself into “rising” to the occasion and joining my goddess girlfriends in their divine flash mob.

But honestly, my heart and nerves just can’t handle any kind of a mob right now.

Then, I had a revelation.

We’re talking about ending violence against women.
And I keep beating myself up.

Instead of being kind and loving to the vulnerable mother and daughter who I am right now, I keep pushing and punishing myself.

But then I got it:

We each have our own dance to do.

Mine is with words and colors. Not hips and feet.

It takes practice to rise about the prison of self-criticism. And to follow the beat of our own hearts.

But it’s so liberating.

I felt such joy painting this painting and writing this post in the quiet of my little sanctuary.

When we give ourselves the freedom to fully be ourselves, I believe we are helping to free every other woman on the planet.

Whatever dance you choose to do, let’s end violence against women.

Starting with the woman right there in your mirror.

Happy V-Day. I’d love to hear what your heart has to say about this. (Just comment below.)

Much love,Wendi

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18 comments to What makes your heart dance?

  • Lainey

    So much wisdom Wendi. You take an idea and turn it on its head and I love it. Thank you for always thinking ‘inside out’! With prayers for the safety of women everywhere and in all ways. xox L

  • Tiffany

    The dance is the discussion, the awareness, the intent to end violence against women. Your message is so powerful because it is gentle and goddess-like. We can be heard through so many mediums and maybe, for me, it is dance this year. Possibly, I will feel more power if I bang a drum. Like you, I will know that I am part of a bigger movement and I am tasked with sharing that message with others, for the good of us all.

  • Elya Braden

    Hi Wendi –

    If you want to watch the festivities, my Nia class will be doing 2 flash mob dances on Thursday, at 9 am and 11 am outside of the Starbucks on Ocean Park and 29th. You can check it out at http://www.niasantamonica.com. In the meantime, hug yourself and know that you are loved.

  • Carol King

    I really enjoyed this article. I agree with the other Carol that it took courage to write and share your thoughts. The concept of starting the non-violence with your mirror image is Enormous. Thank you

    • Carol, it’s so great to hear from you. Yes, that non-violence practice is something that I need to keep working on. It helps to remind each other. And support that complicated dance of self-love.

  • This is good stuff. And I’m a guy.

  • linda chandler

    Dearest Goddess guru of down-to-earth woman wisdom:
    I, like so many others can’t dance right now, but I can teach my daughters and they can reach out to their girlfriends, the need for loving themselves first so that they can help lead the small (or large)gender battles that confront them. You always remind me that small gestures can be as profound as the large ones, and I’m so grateful to the women who make up the critical mass that forges change. Thank you for this post, written during such a challenging moments in your life. xxx’s

    • Ohhhh, Linda….you are one my greatest teachers. I love you–your wisdom, your perspective and your gift of bravely saying what’s in your heart. xoxoxoxo right back at you.

  • Christine Amaryllis

    …”Whatever dance you choose to do, let’s end violence against women.

    Starting with the woman right there in your mirror….”

    I love this. Right words, right time. Right on.
    Blessed be
    Christine Amaryllis

  • Lois

    Wendi, I can’t say thank you enough for this article – I’m so glad you pressed send! I’ve been haranging myself over not joining the local dance flash mob even though I plan on being there to support them. I just don’t feel like dancing! The subject is one that’s near and dear to my heart and I know I’m able to spread the word in ways other than dancing, and I do. Thank you again for letting me and others who don’t want to dance on Thursday know we’re not alone

    • Oh, phew….you have reinforced the voice of my heart. My mind told me to “zip it up” but I felt that if this was my truth, it was other women’s as well. Thank you for sharing. It means the world to me, Lois.

  • Carol

    A very wise, brave article. I appreciate the reminder to be gentle with myself. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much, Carol. I must admit, I freaked out a little after pushing the “send” button. But your comment right here reinforces that I did the right thing. Much gratitude to you you.

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