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Wendi's Believe It Or Not.

Isn’t it interesting that when something goes wrong, we shrug and say “shit happens.”

Yet, when something magical happens, we respond with  ”that’s too good to be true.”

Well, see what you think about this:

It all started a few mornings ago.

I was walking Lucky in the neighborhood. I found myself thinking (obsessing) about a phone call I had later with someone who could play a pivotal role in helping me get my book published.

During my “walking meditation,”  I started praying to whoever would listen: “Please oh please, send my spirit guides, angels, muses, anyone  available to support, inspire and help me not screw up the call.”

As I’ve probably told you (ad nauseum), I’ve been carrying my big fat Oh My Goddess vision around in my heart for almost 18 years now.

And lately, I’ve been getting really anxious for something concrete to happen already.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Edna (my Inner Critic), torturing me with “You’re too old to get your first book published. Give it up already.”

With that lovely thought in mind, I went home to do some work, hoping  it would distract me from worrying about the phone call.

The procrastinator that I am, I found myself looking out the window rather than the computer screen.

And there, right in my garden was not one, not two, but at least thirty of the most gorgeous red dragonflies you can imagine.

They were absolute magic.

Chinese red bodies. Rainbow prism wings. Whirling, twirling. Forwards, backwards. Leaping, spiraling. It was a dragonfly ballet.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Deadline, schmeadline. Who could write with a spectacle like that out my window? I practically skipped outside to join them.

Until now,  I’ve never been a real dragonfly person. (I go gaga over ladybugs, hummingbirds and butterflies, however)

But I just haven’t had much exposure to dragonflies. And the ones that I have seen are usually blue, zipping over some pond or creek. (Of course,Lucky’s water bowl is the only body of water in our backyard.)

Do you even know what to call a group of dragonflies? A flock? A herd? A gaggle?

Actually, I just looked it up. it’s a fetch. (Who knew?)

The longer I was out there, the bigger the fetch got.

Uh-oh, what if this turned into Hitchcock’s The Birds? (Here’s a funny minute and 40 second version of it).

No worries. My dragonflies had the most uplifting, beautiful energy.

Soon, I found myself twirling and swirling with glee. It was like having a fetch of faeries in my backyard. (And quite a fetching fetch, I might add.)

Understandably, I was too riled up to work.  So, I did the only logical thing. I called my next-door neighbor Julie to come over, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

Julie couldn’t believe it either. She wondered if there was a nest or something in the neighborhood. But upon further exploration, it was clear that the dragonflies were only at my house. And they stayed for hours.

I brought my laptop outside and read all about dragonflies.

I learned that they represent “change” in almost every culture. That they can fly up to 40 miles per hour and see from 360 degrees. What little miracles they are.

Then, my friend Susan called who just happens to be a shaman. (Seriously, a Yale-educated, shaman.) She recommended checking out The Shamanic Journey website.

It said: “Dragonfly causes us to question our self-imposed limitations and helps us remember that ‘ordinary, every day’ physical reality isn’t all that is available to us. Its rainbow wings remind us we live in a world of magic….”

I was blown away to learn that dragonflies don’t fly until later in life and that their luminous colors only develop with maturity.

That was more than an ah-hah moment. That was a holy !@#? moment.

Were these iridescent messengers here to show me that everything was happening in its perfect time? To stop looking at things in such a rigid way? And to see the beauty in showing your true colors later in life?

I feel a song coming on.

Believe it or not, my fetching fetch kept coming back to the same spot in my garden  four days in a row.  Always around 11:00.

By the fourth day, I finally got their message. Instead of writing the post I had planned to write, I decided to stop being so “rigid” and share this dragonfly magic with you.

Once I finally wrote this, they were off.

Pffft just like that. On their next mission, spreading light and love somewhere else.

Now, I’m sure there are those who will come up with a logical explanation for all this. (My gardener tried, but couldn’t.)

I’d be interested in hearing what you think.

As for me, I’ve decided to let my heart leap with joy and celebrate the miracle of my dragonflies.

To tell you the truth, I’ve had it up to here with this reality show called life.

This is my movie. And I want there to be lots of magic in it.

What about yours?

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50 comments to Wendi’s Believe-It-Or-Not.

  • Carmen

    Dragonflies have always been my favorit. Once saw a large one, about 10 cm long, beautiful metallic blue/green, travelling with the traffic at same speed, magnificent. Watched in awe till out of sight. Knew they must have special significance, know I know. Thank you Wendi x<3x

    • Dear Carmen, I believe that the more we stop and look, the more magic there is everywhere. I’m even inspired by a tiny plant growing through a crack in the sidewalk.
      And take that as a sign of how resilient our spirit can be. It’s all about seeing through the eyes of our hearts.

  • Gary Baird

    Well whether you know it or not your Dragonfly tale has helped and uplifted more people than you can possible realize. Not only for the ones that did say something to you but I’m sure there were many more that took your tale and made it a comforting time for them as well. My so not only was it words of comfort to you for what it was intended but I think it was also intende dto help others as well. May you continue to uplift and encourage others. Prayers and blessings from Florida.

    • Dear Gary,
      It’s rare for me to receive messages from men, here at Oh My Goddess….which makes your response even more meaningful. I am so happy to know that my story is uplifting others. That is how I believe I am meant to “unzip” myself out into the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for affirming that my mission is working! So is yours, by the way.

  • I just love your fun-derful bloggess! It’s the bestest! I’m about to launch one myself and you have sparked my imagination big-time. A big hug and thank you to Dianne in England you passed your information along. I look forward to many shared adventures;)

    • Thank you, Marta. Yes, I adore that Dianne! She’s bought my goddess cards and been so supportive. I can’t wait to read what you put out in the world. It is quite an adventure..expressing ourselves in this way.
      Any support you need (other than technical—auuuugh!), I’m here.

  • Krikit

    Dearest Wendi,
    How happy I am for you your Dragonfly story ends in such vivid art and spiritual uplifting !

    I followed your Dragonfly story as best I could while in hospital, each post of it gave me something bright to behold in my mind’s eye. Thank you for that! ~:)

    I, like many others, have loved Dragonflys since childhood, rarely seeing a red one and always thinking them to be very special since they were so scare.

    I can barely comprehend that you watched for four days a fetch of so many. What a spectacular gift of Light!! ~:)

    My favorite movies have always been those with the most “magic” in them. I’m thrilled that you’re writing and painting your life epic as a fantasmagoricical magical movie for us all to enjoy!

    May many more dragonfly magics come your way!

    Krikit ~:)

    • Dear sweet Krikit,

      My fetch and I are sending you love and light—hoping that you are healing quickly and easily.
      It’s amazing to me how generous you are —-given all that you are going through.

      With much love,

      • Krikit

        Thank you for that — I shall dwell my thoughts on your ‘dragon’ gift. ~:) I will need it — “life” thru me a real curve ball Sun & Mon.

        Generosity, in any form, is easy to give Wendi, when I have been given so much. ~:)

  • Barby D. Cahill

    Hi Wendi,

    I was at a decoupage art class yesterday wondering whether I should have been there or not, cutting out these beautiful colorful birds. Later, as I got more and more into the creative process I went to go cut out one more bird and there they were, beautiful little dragonflies sketched in among the birds!!!! I was so into the birds that I hadn’t noticed that my very own dragonfly fetch was right there alongside of me the whole time. I got the chills like I always do when my spirit guides are with me.

    P.S. Marianne is coaching me, by the way!!!!!!!!!! And by the way, Darby & Reece’s wedding was fantastic.
    XOXO Barby

    • So great to hear from you, Barby. And to hear that you are giving your creativity the time and love it deserves. Isn’t Marianne fantastic?! That day, with you, at Darby’s shower was the first time I ever saw a dragonfly in our backyard. Who knew what would follow!

  • nancy heim

    wow…wendi…it’s wonderful ….so loved what you just wrote…and how you incorporated the links to the birds and cyndi lauper….i am a fan and a friend


  • These days, I call these “happennings” Spirit Winks and simply relish in them while they last and again & again each time I recall them!

    • That’s a wonderful term, Traci. And I love what you said about revisiting the experience. At first, I was so sad when they left.
      But now, I keep reliving the experience when I’m lying in bed, or looking at the painting that they inspired.

  • christina dunbar

    An amazing, beautiful, and MAGICAL story. Life can be magical or it can be boring… we decide how we want to create on this journey… looks like you’ve made your decision!!!
    Can’t wait to see what you create and manifest next : )

  • Donna

    I am a believer of signs, symbols and being led. That’s what your Dragonflies were doing. What I found most interesting about your Dragonfly story is that they see 360 degrees. I immediately took that to mean … You have looked full circle for answers, you have been given your answer. They are validating your direction! This is a not magical … It’s divine inspiration. Thank you for sharing!
    Sending light and love,

    • Thank you, Donna….Yes, that openness to seeing the full picture is one of the many messages I got.
      I feel so blessed to have had that experience. I, too, believe we are constantly getting signs. And by sharing ours, we inspire others to see theirs.
      Thank you for being part of my goddesshood and lightworkers!

  • Kendall

    Welcome to the “fetch” Wendi ! Dragonfly magic is quite the totem to hold and release ! As a child in the
    Ruby Marshes of Northern Nevada, these wonderful beings
    entertained me for hours, I am refreshed to know that
    they are also guiding you with abundant visions of freedom and play !

  • I love your posts Wendi! :) Each one of them makes my heart smile. <3

  • Perfect! Just perfect!

  • Fantastic Wendy. I’m hoping that fetch is headed over here. So beautiful. Meri

  • Wendi:

    How wondrous! I love winged beings too and find them to be fascinating messengers. It occurred to me when you used the word ‘fetch’, that the Universe was tossing ahead of you that which you are seeking and asking you to play fetch and bring it back in. Are you willing to play fetch with Spirit? Such fun!

    <3 Edie

  • I believe! What a magical story you share with us, thank you so much. When ever we ask for help, it does come. We just need to listen and watch for it, which you did. I appreciate your message as well. The message that we are never too old for our dreams. Life is long, and we need to live it fully in it’s entirety. I liked hearing the reminder, ALOT.

  • Valorie

    Hi Wendy,
    Such a kick to see how the story ended. I had so much fun seeing your Facebook posts about your visitors and reading everyones comments. I’m intimately acquainted with dragonflies, being the warrior fly-tying fly-fishing goddess that I am, but I have to agree … who knew there was so much to learn about dragonflies?! The world needs all the magic it can get!! Thanks for your part in spreading more around.

  • Sandy Siporin

    Hi, Wendi – first chance I have had to comment on your blog since I returned from S.F. Too busy with practical aspects of life to enjoy the hummingbirds here where I am staying. You made me realize that I should fly like the dragonflies and quit fretting about all the nonsense. Love to you.

  • WOW Wendi, what an infusion of inspiration! Thanks to you and your fetch of red dragonflies. This reminder that all is not logical came at just the right moment. Yours is one blog I truly enjoy reading, and believe me I subscribe to a GAGGLE of them:-). Keep it coming.

  • Thank you for sharing this dragonfly magic with us Wendi! They are such powerful beings. Right after 9/11 in NYC, I was seeing dragonflies everywhere — on the sides of buses, purses, clothing, billboards, magazines. It was bizarre. This was the first time I received a “message” from the dragonflies. I didn’t mention this to anyone except a close friend, since it was such a tragic time. But I knew the dragonflies were trying to help us find the light through the dark. They were looking after those who passed, and letting us know that major change was certainly happening and that light would prevail.

    I love the message you received: to see the beauty in showing your true colors later in life. Absolutely Wendi!

    Thanks again for sharing your magical moments. We need more of this to remember how BIG our life really is.


    • That is so poignant what you said about 9/11. Yes, I never really paid attention to dragonflies but now I’m seeing them everywhere too,
      They certainly help spread the light around—-like you, Tabby!

  • Oh My Goddess, what a fabulous story. When my son was little we had a 3′ above the ground pool and my Mom (all 4’10 of her) would swim in it with my Son. Dragonflies would “perch” on the edge around the pool and she would tell my Son that was their Guardian Angels watching over them. As a result, dragonflies have always been special in our family and needless to say, many gifts with their image have been shared. So, my goddessfriend girlfriend this was an very special post for me and how could you have know? Guess we are all connect <3. Thanks for sharing and bringing up loving memories for me!

    • I love that story…who would have thought that so many other hearts have touched by these blessed winged creatures.
      We all need as many Guardian Angels as possible. Big hugs to you…I’ll write soon….I miss you xoxo

  • ummmmm, yum. I am looking up the meaning of “dust”. It’s suddenly all around me in every room on every surface. What is its meaning? What is it telling me? ….oh, that’s so cynical.

  • Wow you have outdone yourself this is your best post yet!!! and the message wraps up sweetly in a bow ah life it truly is better than fiction!

  • Divine is , this happening. Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment of magic to spark up my day. I remeber these dragonflies growing up in Louisiana. I always wanted to keep them, and the fireflies also. They have a journey, to keep spreading love and light, like, you do! Thanks Carole

  • What a GLORIOUS STORY!!!! Wow, Wendi… I feel like I got a magical hit of transmission just from reading it… I LOVE dragonflies, and have often felt their transformational ways… But I never knew that about growing wings later in life. How perfectly STUNNING. Thanks for sharing your magical world! xoxx

    • Thank you Christina for writing here and spreading the word. It really was a spectacular demonstration of how Nature
      and our natures coincide. I truly had a feeling of being one with everyone of those magnificent creatures. It feels so good
      to share their magic with you.

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