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Today’s goof could be tomorrow’s gift.


Who ever imagined that one of my goddesses would show up  on a skateboard?

Certainly not my 16 year old son, Landon.

Believe me, I was definitely not one of the “edgy” artists he asked to participate in “On Board For The Bay” (his art exhibit and silent auction to benefit Heal The Bay).

But when one of those “edgy” artist friends mailed Landon his masterpiece with the paint still wet (hello???), we found ourselves staring at one great big, globby mess.

Totally bummed, Landon wanted to throw the board out.

But I just couldn’t let him.

(There’ something wrong with “healing the bay” while wasting the trees.)

Besides, I’ve always been big on turning life’s “oys” into joys.

And then there’s that whole teachable moment thing.

So,I asked Landon if he would mind if I took a whack at reincarnating the board.

He shrugged and muttered “whatever.”

I took that as a firm “yes” and started to play.

Armed with spray paint and glitter glue, I covered up all traces of the board’s disastrous  past life.

I found an old “Sea Goddess” painting I did, just  sitting around, waiting to  be cut up.(Go figure.)

Then, I took a treasure hunt through boxes full of stuff I just couldn’t  bear to throw out.

Good thing. I found shell necklaces. Refrigerator magnets. Fish trinkets. (After all, I’m a Pisces) More glitter. And of course, my trusty hot glue gun.

Goddess is in the details.

Voila. One guy’s goof became my goddess.

I don’t know what was more fun, losing myself in the joy of transformation.

Or seeing Landon’s slightly impressed expression.

But more than that, it’s a metaphor for the kind of life I’m choosing to live.

And what I talked about in this video.

You don’t have to be artsy craftsy, to see that all the world is our canvas.

We can paint it with disappointment, anger, frustration and sadness when things don’t turn out the way we want them to.

Or we can allow ourselves to experience those feelings.

And then shift our focus to find find what’s right when things go wrong.

I’m not sayingto just to just flick a switch and “be positive,”

Landon and I both needed to rant when we saw that mess of a skateboard.

By allowing ourselves to feel the feelings and let them out, I think it makes room for something else to come in.

And in the case of the board, that something was creativity.

We all have messes in our lives.

We can choose to stay stuck in the them.

Or trust that there’s a gift in our struggles. (Hopefully, this one will bring in a good bid for Heal The Bay.)

Oh, and if you’re  in Santa Monica, on Sunday, October 23rd from 5 til 9, I hope you’ll stop by and check out Landon’s event. Besides skateboard art, there’ll be tons of  food trucks and music, too. For more info, about   just click here.

And as always, I hope you’ll unzip your lip with us. By sharing our struggles and gifts, we have the power to transform each other’s lives.


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10 comments to Today’s goof could be tomorrow’s gift.

  • Wendi!

    This is such a beautiful blog post. Thank you for sharing. Such a powerful lesson for us all. Often the goof’s create the BEST moments.

    My fav: ‘I took that as a firm yes and started to play’.

    You have such a wonderful sense of humor!

    Love to you.

    • Dear Amber,
      I woke up this morning thinking of you for some reason….and there you are with your heart-warming response.
      Trust me, humor is essential for dealing with a 16 year old boy! Your support means so much to me as I am
      one of your biggest fans. Much love back to you xoxo

  • Elya Braden

    Gorgeous skateboard!! That’s some fancy lemonade you whipped up Wendi. You rock!

  • Wendy, I love this post. I worked for years to turn myself into the type of person who can make lemons out of lemonade. I found that it is often the challenging situations (such as relaunching oneself after more than a decade of full-time motherhood) that can turn into situations that change your image of yourself and your life. I relentlessly shared this philosophy with my children and have been deeply gratified to the the result!
    I must visit Landon’s event, particularly to see one beautiful “Sea Goddess” skateboard. Congratulations to your son for creating an amazing event!

  • Wendy, I love this! True and wonderfully said. And I love the misspelled word ‘struggles’ at the end of your post :’sturggles’ — exactly how it feels! ~

  • John

    I like the new twist on turning lemons into lemonade. And I hope the reincarnated Goddessboard raises lots of cash towards healing the bay!

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