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Today is the first day of the rest of my blog.

I’ve done a lot of scary things in my life.

I got married at 22 to a guy who actually read Helter Skelter on our honeymoon. (Divorced at 23.)

I landed by helicopter on an oil rig in Alaska (before anyone had ever heard of BP or Sarah Palin.)

I even took a family portrait with a python wrapped around my neck. (Don’t ask.)

But this beats them all: unzipping my own voice, (not to mention, heart and soul) in my very own blog for the world to see.

Part of me was dying to do it. And the other part wanted no part of it.

So, here’s the back story:

Everybody: Wendi, you should write a blog and find your Oh My Goddess tribe.  You could promote your books, cards, gifts and events while having heart-to-heart conversations with like-minded women. 

My Heart: I’d love that! Nothing makes me happier than sharing and inspiring other women to trust their inner voices and follow their dreams and….

My Head: I got one word for you, kid: MORTGAGE.

My Heart: But this is about spreading joy, feeding souls, connecting hearts…

My Head: (eyes rolling) Yeah, right. Do you know how many blogs there are out there?

My Heart: But not like mine. I’m going to post my divine musings, schmoozings, paintings, poems, goddess workshops, events….

My Head: (yawning). Who’s gonna read that drivel?

My Heart: Uh…my mom?

My Head: Stick to what you know, missy. Blog schmog!

My Heart: But…

And so it went, the long and ugly Civil War Within.

But then, one day I found myself reading Penelope Trunk’s brilliantly self-deprecating blog and her helpful hints on how to write one. I was totally inspired.

My Heart: Hey, I can do that!

My Head: But….

Taking a deep breath, I powered through my fears (Blogaphobia, Perfectionitis  and an extreme case of Who-Cares-What-I-Have-To- Say-Anyway).

I’m happy to say My Heart won.

But the thing is, I’ve never written a blog before. And quite possibly, you’ve never posted on one either.

So, let’s make a deal.

If you show My Head that someone actually cares what I have to say, I promise to give you something to ponder about, smile about and hopefully, write back about.

(Oh, and if you don’t mind…it would do My Heart good to know that I had some real live subscribers to my blogg. Just click at ‘Oh Subscribe’ to have it emailed to you once a week. And brighten up that inbox of yours.)

Okay, here’s what I’m wondering now:

If you followed Your Heart, where would it lead you? And what would Your Head have to say about it?

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78 comments to Today is the first day of the rest of my blog.

  • Edna! Pleased to meet Wendi’s lesser half! Of course if we scramble her, she might become a Dean (of an Ivy-League school? James Dean?). A Dane … perhaps a horn-wearing Viking Warriess. Or just a misspelling of Nead/Need). Or, let’s ignore the “e” and just look at (e)DNA’s DNA … yup, it’s in there for all of us, our self-flagellating DNA that requires we be more than … more. Wendi, I love what you’re writing about our imperfectionism, and our need to detox from botox …. You go, Goddess! xoxo Helaine

  • Mary

    OH Wendi…. Love Love this blog. Even at Dailey I was inspired by your ability to walk in your own shoes – it appeared effortless (even though apparently just above those shoes ….you were zipping your lip) ….. and now you share Wendi-goddesspel …your own brand of grounded empowerment rooted at the heart. I am stirred and have so much respect for you!! Much love, Mary

  • You are Divine! And true to your self…Now come along you other Goddesses, giddyup…

  • Barby D. Cahill


    Wow, Jaimey’s magical party was in the middle of the creation of your blog!! I so relate to Valorie’s story. I too was the obedient good girl. Strong willed enough to stand up for myself yet always compromising. I love your art!!!!

    I am going to call about the Artists’ Way group but still feel I am not ready to leap (see paragraph above).


    • Thank you for showing up here. Yes, I understand about leaping. You might just give Marianne a call and go to one of their meet-ups
      and see how it feels to give that to your creative self as a little starter gift. xoxo

  • I happened upon your blogess you amazing goddess and so glad I did! I could read your writing forever, so please give me more! Still not sure how this whole blog thing works (like do you send notices out about new postings or what?) but will undoubtedly be back!! Heres to creativity and what you are contributing to the world with your joyous and heartfelt words!

    • Hey, Royce! It wouldn’t be a bloggess without you my dear hummingburp friend.
      I will be sending out link to my new postings for a while but the idea is for people to
      sign up (so I can show potential publishers that “you like me…you really like me.”
      I just learned all this blog stuff myself…just go to the top left corner of the blog and click
      on “oh sign up.” It’s so easy—even I could do it.

  • Hi Wendi!
    My head lets my heart go on walks every morning. My new neighborhood muses over the rabbits, ducks, weeping willows and the beautiful lake. Can’t wait to share it with you when you visit. This blog is such an inspiration. You g(r)o(w) girl!

    • Thanks for reminding my heart that it needs to go on a walk right now. Thank you for being a part of this, Lisa….I can’t wait to see you and your new hood. And your precious Gracie.

  • Krikit

    Oh, Goody! You found the button that makes the conversation “tree.” ~;) I like so much being able to read everyone’s comments with your answers following.
    Good work! ~:)

  • Jane


    I am so glad you are doing this. I love your writing and I am really looking forward to reading your musings!!!!

    I have to report that my head does not allow my heart to dream. I live one day…or sometimes even one minute…at a time. I can’t afford (on so many levels) to dream. But if you were to ask am I happy? The answer is YES! It works for me.

  • Wendy

    Love to see your blog!
    I am so glad to know I’m not the only with perfectionitis and, especially, who-cares-what-I-have-to-say!
    Well, this is lovely, and we will all get over these together.
    Looking forward to it.

  • Oh My Goddess I’m soooo glad your heart won out..it always should you know! I’m glad you’re putting your brilliance to use with your words and sharing yet another part of your Divine self via this blog. I look forward to more from my GFF -(Goddess Friend Forever)

  • Thank you for giving us the gift of your heart and your blog. You are appreciated more than your head understands.

    I’m finally following my heart in my life. It is giving me the experience of expressing, sharing and growing my authentic greatness. My head use to be the boss of me but no more! The Inner Goddess within me holds her power (well, most of the time) and the heart prevails. In doing so, I’ve created opportunities to me extraordinary people like you.

    With love and laughter,

  • My comment is that I already commented. I love Wendi and her commitment to making a difference.

  • Wendi,
    It’s up and it’s up. Everything up but uppity. I love that you’re sharing the soft side of life. It takes a while to defrost from hanging onto the glass ceiling–so cold up there and lonely. However, you have so much to share and sharing is what you do best. Good luck Oh Goddess, I’m thrilled to join the hood.

  • My first bloggin’ too. Have to say, love this. great job. I will stay definitely stay tuned in!

    • Thanks Moira…a real compliment coming from you.
      It looks so simple now but there was so much to learn and figure out just to get to this point.
      But I have a very sweet, calm web designer who talked me through it all.

  • Marci Heskel

    Brava! I will send to Goddesslike friends on both coasts — (my New York friends could use a little “California Dream’in”).

    Per Janis Joplin: “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” (Too bad she could’nt have taken more of her own good advice.


    • Great to hear from you, Marci. Yes, spread the goddessness east and west!
      And thanks for Janis’ two cents….she was her own style of goddess–that’s for sure.

  • Thank Goddess for you Wendi!!! What a creative, beautiful and clever blog. And what a great story!!! I’m just now breaking out myself so I can totally relate to you!

    While I was growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer and writer. Everyone else kept saying, “you should be a doctor.” So I became an X-ray tech as a compromise to my parents and then everyone still kept saying, “you should be a doctor.” Then my worst nightmare – the Radiologists I was working for gave me a scholarship to go to college so I could go to medical school and “be a doctor.” So, at 24, shy and trying to be the good girl, off I went to college and majored in Biochemistry 3.98 average. Took my MCAT’s scored high enough to get into any medical school and was even offered a full scholarship/practice program. That’s when the brakes went on!! I actually became physically ill, had all kinds of tumors and required surgery twice in 5 months. I said, “enough already!” and dropped out of college and pursued my dreams of designed by going into product development. It’s been heaven in that department, but now, at 58, I am finally getting the courage to write.

    I love to read about other women who have done the same thing – answered the siren song of their heart. You are so encouraging to me!
    Thank you, thank you!
    Huge Hugs.

    In fact, you’ve given me the courage to do what I have not yet done … share my Late Bloomer story on my own page. I’m going to post on my site what I just shared here :-D I’d LOVE it if you would jump over and share a clip of your story!

    • I love that whole Late Bloomer idea. I think if I hadn’t been laid off from my big ExecuWoman job I would have
      become ill too (in fact, a psychic healer told me that very thing.) Our bodies speak to us when we don’t listen to
      our inner voices.
      I am thrilled that I could inspire you.And now, you’ve inspired me. I love your idea of a Late Bloomer community….and will definitely visit.
      You’re clearly wonderful at expressing yourself…so write away! I look forwrd to hearing what you have to say.
      To divine self be true,

  • Brenda

    Hi Wendi–how do I post something on your blog? Confused??? Aunt Brenda

  • fredie

    a dream come true, can it get any better than that??????? Mazel Tov my dear dear friend!!!!!!

    • Fredie…I’ve been thinking of you all day. My house is full of girl energy and your sweet goddess is looking absolutely gorgeous.
      This is so sweet…I feel like I have a movie going on in my backyard.
      Love you tons…thank you for sharing you, her, the whole shebang xoxoxo

  • conversations with oh my goddess in her head real time!

    Good job love this blog passing on…

  • hello wendilahgoddesstraveleuropematronofmyhonor,
    so grateful that we have reconnected! I love you and cannot believe how we are both on the same creative wave length. thank you for passing the message to all the other goddesses out there.
    with love and lasting friendship,

  • Wendy
    LOVE the conversations with your dual selves!
    this is fun!!!!

    You go girl….follow that heart and I love your art! Fresh, original, happy!!

    • Dear Susie,
      Thank you so much…I think it’s something we can all relate to. Wonderful to hear rom you….please pass it on
      from my heart to yours to the goddesses in your life xoxoxo

  • Wendi! You did it! Mazel Tov! I remember our lunch so many months/years! ago when we talked about this. Way to go!!! Looks great. I look forward to following you. I started one too, check it out! I’m a little behind since I just returned from our honeymoon, but I’ll get back on track. Enjoy : )


    • Wow, I didn’t realize you had gotten married already!!! MAZEL TOV to you!!! Yes, you inspired me…I didn’t intend it to take this long
      but I am constantly needing to overcome my technophobia to move forward. I still have a lot to learn but I am loving all the wonderful
      women who are responding…including you. (As more of an expert, I may need to contact you with a couple of blogging questions…is that okay?)

      I’d love to see you when things settle down and her all about the wedding and honeymoon. (Where di dyou go?) Wow…I just realized now you are very meri cherry!!! (How perfect and scary is that!)

      Much love,

  • Krikit

    Now that we’ve exchanged 1st day excitements, and I’ve had time to ponder my answers, I thought I would respond to your Q’s at the end of yesterday’s bloggess: If you followed Your Heart, where would it lead you? And what would Your Head have to say about it?

    My heart would lead me to Ireland with my paint box and sketch book in hand, and my spirit on my sleeve. I would stand at the wild water’s edge and weep for all the astounding beauty around me. I would sing “O Danny Boy” into the whipping wind, the notes carried across my ancestral homeland, searching for the spirits of my ‘tree.’ My head would be speechless, in the clouds.

    • You go, goddess! Thank you for coming back and sharing your heart’s desire.(And for being a continued giving presence in my world.)
      You are the first official responder to those questions!!!
      And what a beautiful image you have painted in my my mind’s eye. My heart would love to go with you…but you can do the singing.
      If you heard my voice, it would be astounding but not beauty! The closest I’ve gotten to Ireland is Ryan’s Daughter and that was long ago and far away. My head and my heart are imagining you there. From our lips to goddess’ ears!

  • Julie

    Wendi, what a great blog post. I smiled and nodded all the way through. Because if I followed my heart, I think it would lead me to start a boutique company focusing on communicating to women. With other women. With our own yoga studio and painting studio on site. And a fabulous kitchen. And a garden. And we can bring our dogs every day.

    • Oh Julie…so wonderful to hear from you and your Heart. I love that image…Well, maybe communicating here is a beginning of that vision.At the very least, why don’t you come over here to my painting studio, with your dog and we can have tea and paint in my garden. Really!!!!
      Let’s email and come up with some dates. xoxoxo

  • Sharon O'Connor

    You are an example to the rest of us. You have always
    had the best way of expessing yourself. Happy to read this. I have never blogged before either.

    • Sharon! So wonderful to hear from you and my Heart appreciates what you said/
      I’ve been thinking of you lately and wondering how things are…especially with Kelly.
      My nephew is a fabulous baseball player but didn’t quite have the same experience as yours! I miss you and send you so much
      gratitude for stepping out into Bloggessland. xoxoxoxo

  • Oh My Wendell! It’s 5 AM on a Saturday morning. I awoke early after a triumphant night in the theater (movie theater, that is) where I was bathed in heavenly acknowledgement and recognition of my peers and many strangers. A feature film I star in got yet another great response. Ya’ wanna talk about following your heart? I could be the poster child for the Goddess Movement. it has been a very long road, where I mostly felt like anything BUT a goddess… but my heart would not let me let go. Thank goodness I have a stubborn heart.. and a loud one. My head didn’t have much of a chance. After close to 40 years, my heart and I are enjoying the fruits of the heartfelt way. At age 58, I am finally starting to get my due. Now, literally critically acclaimed for one movie, and looking forward to the release of another (next March) that if it hits, will make me an “Oh My Icon”, I am living proof that it is NEVER too late to get on the Goddess Trail and listen to your heart. I’ve never been happier. Fly free, little goddesses! Be freeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks Wendi, for spreading the Goddess Gospel (goddesspel)! Who better than you, the Queen of hearts, to do so? Proud of and excited for your choice and commitment. Goddess on!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo Vagina

    • Oh My Dear, Dear Vagina, (nicknames don’t get better than that) Wow, wow, and more wows!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN THIS MOVIE!!! Goddess bless you and your tenacity. I was just saying that to Will yesterday that you never know when those dreams will become a reality. You’ve come a long, long way from all those “where’s the butter” days on Mansfield…(although we still have them here from time to time and I always want to look at you and roll my eyes!) Your exuberant message here gives so much hope to that small voice within that has gotten louder and louder for you and now THIS!!! You always had the talent, the discipline and the love but now everything has aligned. And isn’t it ironic that you thought you had to be in LA for it to happen….I saw Marianne Williamson the other night and loved her phrase about this being a “self-organizing” universe. Evidently the joy of your heart sent such a huge message that you pulled in all the experiences you needed right there in northern California.
      I just couldn’t be happier!!! (Btw, Will had some wonderful new doors open for him yesterday. And I am feeling a real forward thrust with my book (two agents want to see the prototype) and I have a licensing agent who loves it.)
      Huge hugs and MAZEL TOV from my heart to yours. Goddess knows ,you deserve every minute of this. xoxoxoxoxo

  • Lovely blog, Wendi!
    And look, already you have followers! Count me as one!
    I’ve been posting on my blog (www.nicomoon.com/blog) since last year and have only had a few comments. But, looking at the stats, lots of visitors. I like being known! So here I am! Can’t wait to read more! I love your writing…your artwork….your wisdom…your sensitivity and gentle kindness!
    Hope to meet again soon!

    • Hi Merrilyn,
      I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. It’s so great to see you here.
      It’s a wonderful feeling when we take these leaps of faith to find others there supporting us. I’ll follow yours, too.
      To divine self be true,

    • Merrilyn,
      I just read the bottom of what you wrote. I think that lots of people are shy to express themselves.
      Me? I’m an obsessive expressive (my girlfriend’s term for me) but lots of people like to take it in
      without necessarily responding. When you put your voice out there, it does feel good to get
      feedback, I must admit.
      So thank goddess for yours. xoxox

    This is awesome and funny and adorable and yummy… just like YOU!
    I support you and I applaud you.
    Tell me what I need to do to get you more out THERE!!!

    • Oh you Goddess of Gifts! That means the world to me…coming from one so awesome and funny and adorable
      and yummy as you.
      I would love, love, love to have that discussion with you. I have finished the prototype of my book and am dying to show
      it to you. And you know who!!!
      Wanna have another goddess tea? I’d love to hear all about your journey and brainstorm for each other.
      Much much love,

  • Wendi, Glad to see you have a presence via the web! You are AMAZING! Best wishes to you always, Carolyn

    • Thank you Carolyn…It took me long enough…I remember way back when you were inspiring me to do this. Btw, I have a prototype of my book and would love to show you sometime.

  • Hey all you sweet goddesses! Thank you for writing. I cannot figure out why these comments are all out of order. This has been a little too much technology for me in one day!! Why, I’ll just think about it tomorrow.

  • Patty

    Wendi- this is great, you are my first blog I have read/responded to! So, we are all learning together and trying to be part of the new technology. Life moves too fast, so we should all try to slow down and enjoy what we have…mortgage aside. Congrats and now I know what you have been creating!

    • Thank you, Patty! I guess I’m not the only one who’s blogaphobic! I have been thinking/fretting/writing and re-writing this thing for a looooong time. Phew….on to your stuff now. Just had to get it out there.

    • I know! I was trying to figure that out too….Oh well, I know your heart is always in the right place…even if I can’t see it. Thanks for braving the goddesshood.

  • Looks great. Unfortunately I’m watching the movie “Ghost Town” at the moment. Hilarious. I’m very excited for you.<3<3<3

  • Krikit

    Congratulations Wendi! Her’s toasting to your fab success, and everyone who enters here having a grand time!

    • Thank you, Krikit. You have been such a Goddess of Support! And thanks for the heads up about the comments not showing.
      I think I fixed it. I am trying to make technology my friend.

  • Jessica

    And then there were three!!! Good for you. I can’t
    wait to hear what you have to say….

  • WendiGoddess. So excited for you. It has been lovely to watch you move into this moment. You are now in full bloom. Lucky for all of us! xo

    • Dear Cindy….
      Well, you’ve been The Goddess of Inspiration, that’s for sure. Every new step is pretty scary. It helps to have friends on the other side when we take these creative leaps! (you know…posting those gorgeous paintings of yours)
      Much, much love to you

  • Wendi,

    Take heart – mine and everyone you touch – your creativity and wonderful endeavor will be appreciated by all you see and hear. I am proud to be a part of your goddesshood, and plan to forward this to many friends who will appreciate as I do. (By the way, I added “goddesshood” to my Spell Check Dictionary. I recommend it for everyone!) We have all traveled so far in our journeys, and I am glad that our paths crossed when they did. Go Poochie!

    • Oh, Ginger…it’s so great to hear from you. I was so nervous unzipping my lip out into the great abyss.
      But you like me…you really like me! You are my first official response to my blog…I am so grateful.
      Speaking of Judy Shackleford, I recently connected with her through Linked In about some potential freelance.
      What a blast from our past, huh?
      To divine self be true,

  • Wendi Knox

    Oh Wendi…you are such an inspiration. I love what you said. I go through that war between my heart and head all the time.

    What a goddess you are!


    P.S. I hope s you goddesses out there will please post comments. It might get kind of psycho if all I do is talk to myself.

  • Lovely blog Wendi Thanks for unzipping the genius in you

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