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The perfection of imperfection.

YouTube Preview Image

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably watched my perfectly imperfect video.

I have a funny feeling your Inner Critic won’t like it anymore than Edna did.

But hopefully, that won’t stop you from choosing self-love over self-judgment this year.

Oh, I’m not saying it’s easy.

Believe me, the first time I watched this video, all I could see were the lines on my forehead and how my face looked too full from certain angles.

I had to consciously stop, breathe and watch it again.

This time, through the eyes of my heart (not the mind of my Inner Critic.)

When I did, for the first time in my life I actually found myself saying  ”Wow, I like her. She’s wise and funny.” (Things I had never really been able to see in myself before.)

And that, my dear goddess friends, is what I wish for you in the New Year.

That you start seeing yourself through the eyes and wisdom of your heart.

May you experience the inner joy that comes from giving yourself the kind of love and acceptance that you give your family and friends.

I know for sure, that how we inwardly treat ourselves is how we’ll be treated by the outside world.

So, the next time you pass a mirror, make a decision to be loving.

Let’s change the world this year.

Starting with how we see our imperfectly perfect selves.

Happy New Year and much gratitude to all of you for all your love and support on this perfectly imperfect journey of mine.

Now, I’d be honored to hear about yours.


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27 comments to The perfection of imperfection.

  • Alexandra

    I love the idea of giving “that voice” a name and shutting her off! Am going through my head in search of a suitable swedish name…

    Thank you also for making my day. I found your website through “she’s next”, and absolutely love your videos – they make me happy!

  • Jen Frances

    Sweetie. I just left you a long message and hit submit. Did you receive it??

  • Jen Frances

    Hello SWEET LOVE!! I’m just re-entering after being on an extended holiday. I’ve been gone since December 23rd and just got in very late last night. LOVE YOUR NEW INSTALLATION!! I can so resonate. I have an Edna too!!
    I still have a little giftie for you as my immeasurable thanks and love for your continued support and love and guidance and friendship!! I got your mailing address a wee bit too late before I left.

    Can’t wait to see you!!!
    XO Jen

    • Jen! So wonderful to hear from you.I’ll have my Edna call your Edna and we’ll do lunch. (they won’t like whatever we order!)
      You and your exuberant friendship is the only gift I need. Seriously. All my love, Wendi

  • Barby D. Cahill

    Wendi!!! Here’s to the wonderful year ahead. Loved being with you for a few minutes in your magical backyard. You made my day.

  • Yep, I think we all struggle with this from time to time. When I first opened it, I kept hearing the words “done is better than perfect.” We use the perfect card as an excuse not to put ourselves out there and all the things you touched upon…what would we do if we let go of perfect? Thank you for the reminder dear Goddess Wendi! Light & Love, Sharon

    • I was just thinking of you, Sharon…thank you for this. I like that “done is better than perfect.” Of course, I won’t tell that to my 15 year old…he’s always done far too soon.
      But I agree, we perfectionistas need to ease up on ourselves and let it go…..Happy New Possibilities and much love xoxo

  • Maree

    Just got to your blog by way of “Do 1 Nice Thing” email. In just the brief time I have been exploring your site, I have been having a very serendipitous moment! I’m just beginning my journey (for the second time) of being out a job. First downsized out in 2007 & just re-organized out in 2010! So now I’m trying to re-organize myself – haha!

    This imperfection theme strikes very close to home (as I am one of those people who can walk in a room & notice if a picture is crooked or a pillow not fluffed enough, etc.) Yes – it is like fingernails on a blackboard to me & drives me nuts (my own Edna has a very VERY loud voice!) Anyway, I’m signing up for regular emails as this Goddess site has been a Godsend! xoxo ot all!

    • Welcome to the goddesshood, Maree! I am deeply sorry about your job situation. I hope and pray that this is a sign that something better, something more “you” is in your near future. When it happened to me, I felt that as scary as it was, that my own soul helped choreograph the situation to liberate me from what felt like a life in prison—a very luxurious prison but that didn’t matter to my soul. I am envisioning you attracting a situation that’s for your highest and best good. Sending hugs and love, Wendi

  • Love Edna the bitch- a riot! And bless her on some level as she propels you forward like the teenage girl rebeling against her pareets.

    Good Job and good job on the videos!

    • Jacqueline—that is a very astute observation! Yes…I am rebelling against her clipping my wings and joy all these years. You are a wise goddess…With love and blessings xoxoxo

  • Love it Wendi. The apostrophe. And the space, too. My favorite inner critic “metaphor” is writer Anne Lamott’s “Radio Station KFKD” – the one that plays in my head when I’m writing and tells me I suck. The good news is that my literary agent says I don’t. So who should I believe? BTW- love the birds chirping in your backyard. Send’em to Seattle. It’s cold here, baby.

    • Thanks, Nina…I just saw that you have a blog–gotta check it out. YES! that Anne Lamott is one of my absolute favorites…I need to check out that story. Thanks for dropping by…if you’re in L.A. I’d love to have you over for tea and to meet the birds in person xoxo

  • Love this post.

    Toxie, my toxic Inner Critic, kept telling me over and over again, You SUCK! Her way of keeping me safe was keeping me small. And the job exhausted her. So now, instead of letting her direct my journey, I’ve put her in the back seat with a sippie cup and a bankie. I’ve taken the wheel and rewritten the map.

    btw, I LOVE your “I’m perfect” cards. Those I’ve sent them to love them as well. They serve as a magnificent reminder of how we are all born divine goddesses here to fully express our true essence.

    Will be ordering more cards soon!!!

  • LOL – ” I call the bitch Edna ” – LOL CLASSIC!!

    I think Edna is secretly the genius behind the show.
    The little real ‘you’ behind the big curtain of OZ who
    secretly knows that you are wise enough to know
    better than to listen to her, so instead you will not
    only NOT listen to her but you’ll talk about her so
    she ends up getting attention anyway! Sneaky one!

    But Edna ( or the ‘Acid Bath’ as I like to call my inner critic )
    does pack a pretty powerful punch when we can transform
    to seeing the messages she/it brings from a curious non-
    judgmental perspective. When I catch my “acid bath” trying
    to splash ‘shit that burns’ my way I simply remind myself
    that one of the divine lessons I am sent here to learn is
    how to LOVE myself exactly as I am. Warts and all….

    Thank you and Love you Goddess = and now onward to share…! OX

    • Dear Tancie…It is so wonderful to hear from you….and to be heard by you. Yes, I believe you and I are here to remind ourselves to choose self-love over self-abuse.
      Your wisdom and wit resonate HUGELY to me. I love you and thanks for sharing.

  • Krikit

    I luv it, Wendi! You are so “approachable” through your vids. ~:)

    I’ve been very blessed of recent weeks to have old friends wander back into my life and give me the gift of their fond remembrance of me from many days, now long gone by. They tell me now that I’m just as I was – and they thought well of me and liked me back then.

    It’s a wonderful thing to be allowed to see oneself from the complimentary mind of old friends, and to re-connect in the here and now.

    I’ve also been blessed of recent late to have met new friends – friends who come to tea and sit with me, conversing about all number of things under the sun … and stars.

    I’m enjoying them immensely, and they are enjoying me. What a lovely beginning to an unknowable new year.

    Krikit ~:)

    • Dear sweet Krikit—yes, we never know where the gifts will come from…sometimes smack dab in the midst of our greatest struggles. I so admire all the gratitude you share with all you have been through. You are so inspirational. I agree–it’s fascinating to connect with old friends and to realize that most of the negativity we experienced in the past emanated from our own mean, belittling Inner Critics. Here’s to a perfectly imperfect New Year. And much lovexoxo

  • I love, love, love this. Edna is the grotesque voice in all of our heads. Thank you for giving her such a yukky name and picture. You make me feel better always.
    My inspiring sister,Goddess.
    xxx’s Linda

    • Linda! Yes,that Edna is a menace….what do you call yours? You have been the anti-Edna in my life…so inspiring, loving and such a brilliant radiant light. Love you to pieces. Always have. Always will. xoxo

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