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!@#$%&! The Goddess Goofs.

You know how I always say “the difference between ‘imperfect’ and ‘I’m perfect’ is just an apostrophe?”

Well,in this case, it’s the difference between “saving” a draft and “sending” it by mistake.


Just when I was starting to conquer my technophobia!

Please oh please disregard what I just sent you.

It will make a lot more sense when it comes as part of your holiday gift from me. (Some surprise, huh?)

Oh, my Inner Critic Edna is just having a field day with this.. She’s ranting and raving about what a !@#$%!! idiot I am.

But, dear goddess friends, I’m sure you can all relate.

It’s official. I’m a perfectly imperfect human.

Hopefully, you’ll love me anyway.

(The bigger question is, can I love myself?!)

Well, I’m working on it. (PIPE DOWN, EDNA!!!)

Okay, that’s it.

I’m going to sleep before I goof again.

Sweet dreams,


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16 comments to !@#$%&! The Goddess Goofs.

  • Wendi, What a breath of fresh air you are. I love what you said about the difference between ‘imperfect’ and ‘I’m perfect’ is just an apostrophe. As a copyeditor, I so appreciate that! Someone once told me done is better than perfect and good is good enough. After I take that to heart for myself, a recovering perfectionist, I have to impart that to my book-writing clients, because for most, they don’t know when to put down the pen, metaphorically. I’ve had clients take up to 3 years to get their books done, and I’ve done some ebooks in 2 days. Hooray for imperfection!

    • Dear Andrea,
      It is so wonderful to hear from you. And to be perceived as a breath of fresh air…especially when I’m feeling a bit foggy these days myself.
      With much gratitude….imperfectly yours, Wendi

  • Wendi,

    I wouldn’t care for you if you were perfect. Imperfections make you real and most importantly the Wendi I adore.

    Happy Holidays

    Dale Swann

  • Barby D. Cahill

    You are just downright refreshing. XOXO Barby

  • Beautiful Goddess Wendi, you are perfect. What you do is not always perfect, but none the less you always were, and always will be perfect in spirit. A comment someone made on one of my phone calls was “I’m perfectly imperfect and accept that.” Success is the journey, not the goal! So, thank you my dear for reminding us it’s all good :)

    • Ahhhhh Sharon….Like they say, “to err is hunman. to forgive is divine.” What they don’ts say is the forgiving is something we have to do for ourselves. You put that so eloquently, as usual. xoxo

  • ok i’m so dumb (inspired by Ednology courses) that I don’t even understand what the goof was… Ignorance is bliss I’m very blissful all the time

  • Fiona

    making mistakes is soooooo easy! admitting and moving on is hard. You nailed the second part so you’re doing well! Looking forward to the ‘revised’ edition.

  • Thanks Wendi!
    Gosh this made me feel better after i have goofed 12 times today.

    Love to you,


  • Krikit

    Dearest Wendi,
    Some goof ups (like this teeny one) are just opportunities to lighten up about ourselves and further develop our sense of humor. We’ve all been there … and we’ll all be there again. ~;)

    You made me laugh 1st thing in the morning, and that’s never a bad thing. ~:D

    Krikit ~:)

    P.S. Edna? Learn to laugh @ yourself and you’ll never run out of things to laugh at. Now, go to your room. ~;)

    • Thanks, Krikit for your wisdom and support!
      My wise husband told me to send out the second post which definitely helped me realize how unimportant such a goof is in the scheme of things.
      Half the things I write are because I need to hear them!

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