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Paradise Found.

Remember those long, care-free summers when we were kids?

Now, instead of running through sprinklers, we’re running errands.

And if we do get away from it all, it’s never long enough.

Or far enough.

Which is why I’d like to invite you on a different kind of vacation.

You can go any time you want.

There are no tickets or rooms to book.

Nothing to pack. No house-sitters or pet-sitters to call.

No long lines, delayed flights or embarrassing security scanning incidents.

All you have to do is pick a place, any place, that makes you feel relaxed, inspired and happy.

For me, that place is Hamoa Beach in Hana.

If you’ve ever taken that Big Sur-esque ride to the far side of Maui, you know why  it’s called “Heavenly Hana.”

It’s the magical place that inspired my husband Will and I to get engaged.

And where we went back a couple of months ago for our 25th anniversary.

(Even though we’ve changed a lot in those years, thankfully Hana hasn’t.)

So, when I find myself getting overwhelmed with deadlines, to-do lists or all that yackety-yack in my brain, I just hit the Pause Button on Life.

And take a mental trip to my favorite spot without ever leaving my chair.

I envision a stream of sunlight pointing to a lava rock ledge that seems to have been carved  just for me.

I imagine sitting there, nestled under a canopy of exotic vines.

Sand tickling my toes.

Plumeria wafting in the breeze.

Lost in the blissful back-and-forth dance of the waves.

Breathing in the peace and beauty of Hana.

Breathing out the stress/fear/you-name-it/ of Everyday Life.

Sometimes I can only stay a minute. Other times, I linger.

I’ll go there to escape the blah-blah-blah of a meeting.

The honk-honk-honk of a traffic jam.

And when I can’t sleep, I’d rather go to Hana than some of those dark places my mind tries to take me.

You’re more than welcome to join me there.

But then again, Your Paradise might be a secret garden in a fairytale.

The slopes in Zermatt.

The ruins at Machu Picchu.

Or (your idyllic spot here.)

You can go as far as your imagination will take you.

The more you engage your senses, the more refreshing your “vacation” will be.

Whererever you go this summer, you’ll find Your Self there.

And if you feel like it, drop me a line.

Hearing from you is always Paradise for me.

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11 comments to Paradise Found.

  • Hi Wendi,
    Great to see you again at the Gateway.
    Thanks for reminding me that when I’m headed for the dulldrums, I can choose a different road and go to my happy place.

  • Wendi,
    This is such a perfect reminder. I came home ecstatic with my long overdue vacation to Italy and woke up the next morning with a familiar tightness in my throat. I’m home, what’s next? Then I read your words and I will close my eyes and remember the Matisse blue sky over the Trevi Fountain. Thank you for checking me out of real life. I love you. Linda

    • Dear Linda, I know exactly how you feel. B-r-e-a-t-h-e through the anxiety or better yet, watch it melt like gelato.
      Go visit your Inner Italia and see if it doesn’t make your everyday life feel more…uh…how do you say it….bellisimo?!

  • Regina O'Neill

    Wendi, thank you for the reminder that we can take our minds to any place we want. My Paradise…the South Fork of the Snake River, which winds out of Jackson Hole into a bit of beauty called Swan Valley, Idaho. A feast for my senses…the sweet smell of the Cottonwood trees, the gentle sound of the river water as it washes over shallow rocks, then roaring through a deeper rapid. The glistening of a rainbow trout jumping for a fly, or the subtle, barely-above-water take of a brown. The calls of hawks, eagles, ospreys. We visit almost every summer and it it the best place in the world to us.

  • Thank you for the reminder how important it is to fulfill our life dreams, whether them be dreams of travel or fulfilling on some other destiny! There is no greater joy than when our authentic self is fully expressed in the world. Keep writing!


    • Cristen, as a writer, I am sure you know how much it means to us expressive types than to be heard and understood. Your comments touch my heart. Thank you!

  • Lovely suggestion! I recently wrote my wishlist of all the places I want to visit. Just going through that process felt like being halfway there! It was wonderful to pull out a mental globe and contemplate all the beautiful places I could go.

    Thanks for the reminder that I can’t start my world travels right now!

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