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My favorite gurus have green hair.

My inbox is packed with inspirational messages.

My shelves are stuffed with transformational books.

Yet, the teachers I learn the most from never say a word.

They just stand there.

Strong. Sturdy. Unshakable.

I’m in awe of trees.

They wear their seasons so gracefully.

From vibrant blossoms to twisted trunks and gnarled branches.

Isn’t it funny how we can see the beauty in every age and stage of a tree’s life ( even without Botox, fillers or tummy tucks).

But we’re not nearly as embracing of our own.

What if we could view our own dark circles as rings of wisdom?

(I’m working on it but won’t be giving up my Bobbie Brown concealer anytime soon.)

Today, on my walk, I noticed how effortlessly trees let go.

You don’t see a maple tree analyzing the pros and cons of releasing her amber-colored leaves to the wind.

She lets them fly free.

No angst. No struggle.

Just trust in the process.

(I admire this concept but can barely part with an old skirt I haven’t worn in years. And don’t get me started on my sixteen year old.)

Ah, there are so many reasons to look up to trees.

Even the short, squatty ones.

Today, I stopped and pondered how one little trunk could support a whole crop of grapefruits.

That tree reminded me that when we’re grounded, we too, can carry a much heavier load than we ever imagined.

But, unlike our deeply-rooted teachers, we’re flying around in a zillion directions at once.

So, the question is how,do we stay grounded in the midst of our crazy, multi-tasking lives?

1.See yourself as  a tree.

Try this simple meditation when you find yourself planted in a stressful situation. Take a few deep breaths. And picture yourself as a tree. (Pick a species, any species.)

Imagine sunlight streaming down through your upper branches (uh, arms). Feel it traveling down your trunk, all the way to the strong roots that grow from the bottom of your feet, deep down into Mother Earth. (I’m rooting for you to try this.)

2.Hug a tree.

I know this sounds really woo-woo. But there’s something very comforting about wrapping your arms around a big, strong tree trunk.

If that’s just plain too weird for you, lean against one. Climb a tree. Or just sit under one. And see if you can feel the strength of its ancient wisdom.

3. Read this poem.

I  probably sat under a tree when I wrote this. It’s helped me through some earth-shaking days. I hope it does the same for you.

Reach for the heavens
Rooted in earth

Through your heart
Reclaim your worth

Trust in things
You cannot see

Grow toward the light
Like a tree

Of course, trees aren’t the only gurus in my life. I’ve learned so much from all of you.

To the outside world, I may be a curly willow and you might be an oak or a sycamore.

But when we share what’s in our hearts, we all stand on common ground.

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8 comments to My favorite gurus have green hair.

  • Carol

    ah, Wendi, I, too, relate to trees very much the same way you do:) Wrote this poem about a month ago that a pal of mine has suggested strongly should be part of a book of poems and artwork about trees, the spiritual connections that we humans have with them. The book is in the works, the pal will not let me off the hook with this:) I’d like to share this poem with you…

    Consider the Tree

    Consider the tree in autumn colours
    orange, crimson and gold replace summer green
    a loosed leaf drifts slowly, pauses briefly
    in suspended animation – - October
    sun illuminates – lucent – like stained glass.

    copyright 2011 C. Fillmore

    Love your blog!

  • Melissa Abbud

    Wendi, your words are very powerfull. Thank you for sharing your Gods given talent. This one reminded me of one day that I came to your house and you were very upset because a new gardener had cut one of your trees. It made me realize that in life even as a tree we are vulnerable to someone else mistake,and yes your tree grew back nicely and stronger. I adore you, Melissa.

  • “I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.” Willa Cather

    Wendi, this posting inspires me so much because it makes me look up and out of myself.

  • Palm trees fascinate me. Why do they not break in the face of a hurricane, because they bend and sway to the force of the winds, and the stronger the resistance the more they bend and their roots grow deeper, literally. When I’m faced with problems and issues I bend and sway and at the end of the day I’m much stronger.

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