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I'm just asking, why don't we ask more?

I’ll never forget this scene from Oliver—when the poor little boy asked for “More.”

While I have never lacked for food (as witnessed by my oh-so-lovely thighs),I do know that feeling of wanting More.

Not necessarily more material stuff.

But more depth. More purpose. More honesty. More connection. More creative expression. More spiritual growth.

You know, little things like that.

Asking someone to borrow a cup of sugar is one thing.

But asking the universe for the Big Stuff is a lot more scary.

Especially when there’s that little voice inside of you, wondering if you deserve more. (But that’s a whole other story.)

After losing my big fat Execu-woman job, I was thrust into the process of reinventing my life. I had a huge dream. But Oh My Goddess,I was overwhelmed and under financed.

There was (and still is) so much to figure out. And there was only Me, Myself and I to do it.

Or so I thought….

I’ve studied a lot about the power of prayer and believe in the concept of “ask and you shall receive.”

So, one day, I took a deep breath and decided to walk the walk.


Now, everyday, I  walk my dog, Lucky in the neighborhood and ask:

“Please send me everyone and everything I need to bring Oh My Goddess to its absolute fullest potential—-touching hearts, spreading joy and empowering women around the world with the divine feminine.”

And you know what? One by one, my prayers are being answered.

Not always in the form or in the time frame that I would have planned.

But through one synchronistic circumstance after another, I’ve received more support, guidance, expertise, talent, help, inspiration and favors than my meager mind could have possibly imagined.

I asked the universe to send me a creative marketing help. And out of the cosmic woodwork, came a childhood friend of mine I hadn’t seen in 35 years (who just so happens to be a Marketing Goddess living nearby).

I asked for someone to help me do the lay-out of my book. And a brilliant art director I worked with 20 jobs ago popped up on Facebook.

Of course, not everything always flows so magically. For days, I’ve  struggled to come up with a painting for this post. The first one (up above) was the result of over-thinking.Not as heart-felt as I wanted.

Then, I remembered to ask for inspiration.

Right before I went to bed, I felt compelled to take out my paints again.

This painting(to the right), flowed from somewhere beyond me. With joy and ease. A metaphor for the “more” that I’m yearning for in life.

Hey, I admit there are times when I question my own sanity.

I was walking the other day, wondering if I’m nuts to be envisioning a global licensing brand when I haven’t even gotten my first book published.

So, I asked for a sign.

Right there, on my neighbor’s lawn, I noticed a huge empty box from their new big screen TV.

You know what the lettering on the box said?


I swear to God.

So, here’s what I’m asking you:

What would you ask for if the sky was the limit?

Try scribbling it on a piece of paper and stick it in a “wish box.” Or whisper it in the wind. Or maybe even say it out loud in the privacy of your room.

There’s something very powerful (and believe me, kinda scary) about giving voice to our heart’s deepest desires.

But if you’re not ready for that, ask for something smaller.(A hug, a day off, a______________?)

I like to imagine that we each have operators standing by, ready to process our requests.

We don’t have to know how they do it.

It’s just our job to remember to ask.

Speaking of asking, if you like what I’ve said here,  I’d be so grateful if you’d forward this post to your circle of goddesses.

Just click below on the “little envelope” icon to email this post or click on the “f” to post it on Facebook.

And as always, I’d love to hear what YOU have to say.

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24 comments to I’m just asking, why don’t we ask more?

  • I just love the simple but profound guidance, and the courage to be open and sentimental in these cynical, difficult times. You always remind me how blessed I am.
    much shmooshy love.

    • Smooshing right back at you. I just realized that the word “courage” must come from the word “coeur” which is French for heart.
      It is always a little scary for me to open up and speak from the depths of mine. But when I hear from a heart sister like you, it makes it all worthwhile.

  • I love this reminder to get clear about what we want and just ask for it, plain and simple. Keep up the inspiring work– and btw that painting is pure magic!

  • Regina O'Neill

    Over the past year I have come to realize that the universe has no limits, and neither do we if we just allow it. Thank you for another inspiring post, Wendi.

  • Krikit

    Dearest Wendi — another great “think” for my brain!

    I’ve been absent due to my PC being disfuntional @ present — on a GF’s tonight, having a lovely dinner — but you’ve never been farther away than my next thought these past couple weeks. It’s such a lovely thing to open up my browser & find you, your thoughts & your art right where I left them. ~:)

    At present, the “sky” for me is so low down to earth, it’s a bit scary.

    Today, and for (at least) the near future days to come, what I’m asking is for the team of doctors (whomever they turn out to be) to be the very BEST of their caliber . . . so that I will not lose my leg.

    I danced before I crashed, and I want to dance again.

    • Dear Krikit,
      You were on my mind today. I am sending you light and love. And praying for those doctors to work magic. You deserve nothing less.
      I know you are struggling now. But I see you dancing and leaping for joy. Very very soon. With much love and positive thoughts xoxoxo

      • Krikit

        I just got my PC back last night, so I’m doing my best to catch up with the what the universe has been up to while I’ve been offline.

        Thanks, Wendi for your good thoughts, heartfelt prayers, and enlightened vibrations. Multitudinous xoxo’s in return. ~:)

  • Joy

    A wonderful article, just what I needed to hear. ~Infinite Love & Gratitude~ ♥

  • Kendall

    Thank you Wendi for this timely sharing!
    Oh My how Awareness has been tickling my heart for
    MORE !
    Today I am infused with poetry, wishes & vision !
    Embracing the more of more more more !

  • Brenda Owens

    My dream my be very similar to yours. I just want to paint! Paint and play with color & design. SO..if that is what I prefer to do, because I know it is the real me! I must believe I will be supported. And at the same time, I must make the product marketable, I suppose!
    Good Luck, I know you have the hard part figured out!

    • I agree…knowing what our dreams is the biggest part of it. Then, I think it’s finding even a little bit of time to do that which we love—even if it is with no apparent “purpose,” The more we create that “vibration” in our life, the more real it will become. With love and gratitude, Wendi

  • Donns

    Each day, I see your posting on Facebook, and read or pray with you. There’s something wonderful knowing the power of “asking”. Something that took a long time for me to learn.

  • Bless you Wendi ! The right words at the right time………and here they are from you! Xoxox


  • fredie

    Wen, I just closed my eyes and asked for something to the Universe! ;o) Very cool blog!
    love you, f

  • Thanks for the tip of your hat! You are awesome Wendi and inspirational! Since doing your book i have done 4 books and working on a 5th with MDR Plastic Surgery!

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