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Connecting one cup at a time.

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Would you like to  join my Tea Party Movement?

Here’s how: when you feel moved, just invite someone over for tea.

It doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy.

(I don’t bake. I arrange. Thank Goddess for Trader Joe’s.)

And if you don’t love setting the table, just set the intention:

To create a special time to connect.

To open your heart and your home to someone you may not know very well.

Or someone you’d like to know in a new way.

Over the last couple of years, I can’t tell you how many friendships have blossomed, lightbulbs have been turned on and happy tears have trickled down over countless cups of jasmine, mint, ginger, Earl Grey or Good Earth tea.

Sometimes,  I’ve purposely  invited a woman over who I’ve  felt a little intimidated by or insecure around.

With each cup, it’s become clear to me that we’re all connected more than we think. And each of us assumes that She has it all together. (Yeah, right.)

I’ve discovered that regardless of age, hair color or personal neuroses, our bonds are far greater than our differences.

When we we reach out to help each other, instead of compete, we become each other’s sisters, teachers and guardian angels.

And you know what? We don’t even have to wait for someone else to come over.

Just now, a little hummingbird flew up to my window. And that’s all the invitation I need.

I’m going to take my tea cup outside and have a little goddess tea with Mother Nature.

No one pours a more beautiful cup of inspiration.

(Speaking of inspiration, feel free to pour out any thoughts you might have below.)

Until we sip again…


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