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Change your mind. And see what else changes.

There’s a lot of talk about change these days.

Climate change. Economic change. Global change.

(Not to mention, hormonal changes.)

Whether you believe that 2012 marks the end of the world or the start of a better one, there’s one thing we can be sure of:

Things will change.

They always do.

And while there will always be plenty of things we can’t control, we can control how we look at them.

Take my hair, for instance.

Growing up in the era of Twiggy, I wanted long, straight hair more than life itself.

But no matter how much I wrapped it, ironed it or Curl-Freed it, the moment I hit the moist Bay Area air, it would just go BOING!!!

Finally, after years of Hair Hatred, I chose to look at my hair differently.To see it as a creative, expressive part of who I am. (Now, I even celebrate its twirls and swirls in my paintings.)

Everyday, stuff happens. But we get to decide how to wrap our minds around it.

For instance, one day, I was wearing a dress that I adore. And as usual, I  spilled something on it.

My Inner Critic, Edna went on a rampage about the big ugly stain. And what a klutz I am.

Eventually, I decided to see my goof as a gift.

With that in mind, I visited my favorite sewing store and found this applique that just happened to match my dress and covered the stain.

(No accident that it happens to be a symbol of transformation, huh?)

Another example?

Our gardener was trimming trees last week and mistakenly chopped off all our beloved blossoming branches (that had taken a whole year to bloom.)

I felt sick inside, staring at those bare lonely branches.

That is, until I ran outside and started grabbing the discarded branches like a lunatic. I arranged them in a big vase. And for weeks, each time I passed the arrangement, I felt “joy” instead of “oy.”

Okay, I admit the kind of changes I’m talking about here aren’t going to change the world. But what if they could?

By seeing how powerful our thoughts are and choosing the ones that make us feel good inside, who knows what we can transform in our outside world.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Well, I say, “If we want to see a world of love and peace, let’s start creating it in our hearts and homes.One thought at a time.”

I know that my own thoughts have been changed for the better so many times by listening to other women’s stories.

So, starting in Februrary, I’m going to be honoring a Goddess of Transformation each month right here on my blog.

If there’s someone you know (maybe even yourself) who is changing her life and/or someone else’s in small or big ways, please tell us about her below. Or feel free to email me at wendi@ohmygoddess.com.

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