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BOING. You never know when inspiration will hit.

I’m rarely at a loss for words.

But this time, they just weren’t flowing.

So after a few days of drought conditions, I remembered to follow my own advice.


I asked for inspiration.

I walked.

I meditated.

But still nothing.

So, I gave up.

I stopped hitting my head against the blank computer screen.

Instead, I snuggled up to my husband Will. And our new favorite TV show, Parenthood.

The parents (played by a perfectly imperfect Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson) were having a typical male-female exchange.

She shared her feelings about something.

He shot back a quick solution.

She gave him a “there-you-go-again-look.”

And he stopped himself, awkwardly reciting a phrase, obviously learned in therapy:

“I-I-I see you and I hear you.”


Just like that, I knew what I had to write about.

Isn’t that what we all yearn for?

For others to SEE who we really are. (Not who they think we should be or need us to be.)

And for them to HEAR us with an open heart. (Not a rush to judgment or a quick solution.)

But you know what I’ve learned?

Before we can receive something from others, we have to give it to ourselves first.

For years, I only saw myself through the eyes of my Inner Critic, Edna

I’d zero in on every single flaw and constantly compare myself to others. (It wasn’t pretty.)

But lately, I’ve noticed a shift.

These days, I’m seeing myself with the same compassion, forgiveness and appreciation that I extend to others.

The other day when I was editing videos for my new web series, I could have obsessed about my neck (have you read Nora Ephron’s brilliant take on hers?),

Instead, I actually found myself thinking how radiant, wise and funny I was. (Me seeing that in Me?)

And now that I’m honoring my inner voice, (instead of talking myself out of my feelings), I’m finding others listen to and value what I have to say.

In fact, when I listened to this interview with Marianne Jeffs, The Breakthru Queen, I didn’t get mad at myself for what I didn’t say.

I actually savored what I did say. (Me enjoying listening to Me?)

Believe me, if these miraculous shifts of perception could happen in my life, they could happen in yours.

Here are a few suggestions, that might be a “BOING” for you:

1. See yourself as a friend. When you run into a friend on the street, you don’t say “boy, you look old, fat, tired or _______. “You find something nice to say. Try that when you see yourself in the mirror.

2. Catch yourself doing something right. Would you tell a baby learning to walk, “You fell down again, you idiot!” No,you’d say,”You almost made it to the couch!” Try applying that positive parenting approach to yourself.

3. Be seen and heard. Your comment below could be just the inspiration that someone else is looking for. You never know. But I do know, how much I appreciate being seen and heard by YOU.

Thanxoxo for your divine support.

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11 comments to BOING.You never know when inspiration will hit.

  • Krikit

    Dear Wendi,

    You know I love you sharing your words and art. This one is particularly “a goodie.” ~:)

    If I may share, hoping that my sharing is “in tune” with what you’ve written.

    I have lived the majority of my life on earth learning to be & living what others have needed me to be. I have been, done, gave, went, believed, etc., all because it was expected I could, would, should. And because I was just a little girl of 7 when it all started, it’s taken me until now, as a woman of 55, to allow myself to put who I really am ahead of everyone else’s expectations.

    Crashing my motorcycle and being in this leg & life limbo knocked a bit of sense into me. I realize that for me to get through this present chapter of “hell on earth” I need ALL of me, for me. And I don’t feel guilty about that.

    I might sound “selfish” to some, but no matter. I know who I am even if they don’t.

    Thanks for letting me share, Wendi. Your ‘place’ is a soft place to land. ~:)

    • Dear Krikit,

      I have so much gratitude for you, Krikit. You have been one of my most open-hearted supporters. It’s amazing to me that I can feel so connected to someone who I have never met or even spoken to.
      I feel deeply honored that this feels like a safe place. That is my intention.

      I thoroughly identify with what you are saying about shifting your priorities from meeting everyone else’s expectations to taking care of yourself.

      I am in awe of your ability, in the midst of all the pain and discomfort you have experienced, that you have the wisdom to find the gifts in your struggles. (my subject for the next bloggess post!)

      I have learned that it is only when we know who we truly are that we can be appreciated and loved by others for that truth of our essence.

      I send you love, healing angels and huge hugs of appreciation,

      P.S. I don’t know why I wasn’t notified about your response…I would have gotten back to you much sooner.

  • in case i haven’t said it recently, thank you!

    for sticking your neck out, for speaking your truth, for painting your beautiful paintings, for your clever and oh so awesome words.

    i’m going to take you up on the idea of asking. i’m writing. i’m not ready to say out loud what i’m writing! it’s a big step just for me to say i’m writing. i’m going to ask for all the things i want regarding this writing. i’ll keep you posted.

    sleep tight,

  • I love this blog. When I feel blah and disappointed in myself, I read this blog and know how human, and how much the same we are. You always, always make me feel better. Thanks, my Goddess Wendi

  • Lisa

    I have always loved listening to you and value what you say. Even when Edna lurks on the scene. Btw… Your art keeps getting better and better. Amazing!

  • fredie

    Good blog Wen! I started awhile ago imagining a very young me that lives inside my soul. I remember thinking how little I have nourished this little girl for decades. When I am focused and truly in that “special place,” that little girl gets love. And this always reminds me to be present, listen and hear. I love your website!

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