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Ask. And who knows what you’ll receive.

If you’re like me, you got the message from a very young age that “nice girls don’t ask.”

We wait to be asked. To the prom or to be promoted.

And yet, the oldest book in the world tells us “Ask and it is given.”

Well, I’ve got a feeling that when you hear this  story of mine,  you’ll be inspired to do more asking.

Here goes:

One day, a couple of months ago, Lucky and I were taking a walk.

He was sniffing daffodils.

And I was worrying about how to balance the dreams in my heart with the bills on my desk.

(I’m sure all you multi-tasking goddesses know what I mean.)

I decided to delegate.

And placed a call to the “Ultimate Virtual Assistant.”

In other words, I prayed  (to God, Goddess, the Universe, anyone who would listen):

“Please help me unzip my true gifts onto a larger stage.”

I don’t know where those words came from. But it felt like the deepest recesses of my soul.

For eons, I’ve felt a calling to unzip my voice infront of a huge group of women,.

I envisioned speaking from my heart, with my paintings projected on a giant screen behind me.

But in reality, I’ve only spoken to a few small groups. (60 women at the most.)

After “placing my order”, I let it go and went home to write some copy for a car client.

Get this:

A couple of hours later, someone  I didn’t know, emailed me, asking if I’d be the  keynote speaker for an annual, sold-out event called “Hats Off To Women” to benefit a hospital foundation.

Honest to goddess, she said there would be over 400 women!

(Yep, that was definitely a larger stage.)

Evidently, they were looking for someone “funny, inspiring and uplifting” and found me through my recent article on Maria Shriver’s blog.

I’ve had some pretty woo-woo things happen in my life. (Remember the dragonflies?)

But this one was woo-woo up the wazoo.

Yet, when I think about it, this miracle didn’t just happen out of the thin air.

I’ve been studying creative visualization, manifestation and affirmations for years.

(I even taught my 80-year old Mom to visualize parking places.)

So, I’m asking you: what’s something you’ve been longing for?

1. See yourself experiencing it. This might sound kind of dorky, but a few years back, when I heard Marianne Williamson speak, I actually stood on the stage just to see how it felt.

So, if you’re asking for true love, see yourself walking hand in hand with your beloved.  (Maybe down the aisle with twinkle lights and the scent of gardenias.)

Fill in as much detail as your imagination can muster. (C’mon, what have you got to lose?)

2. Feel the emotions. Now, imagine what it will feel like when you get what you’re asking for.

(Will you be giddy, crying happy tears, feeling inner peace, pride, relief or what?)

It helps to revisit a time when you’ve  felt those feelings before.

Before falling asleep at night, I always picture my first speech and how it felt to really connect with the audience.  I feel the joy of hearing their laughter. And the gratitude of knowing I’m making a difference in their lives.

What’s that moment for you? Just keep replaying  it like your favorite scene from a movie.

3. Do something about it. But don’t just sit there. Your “ Ultimate Virtual Assistant” can’t do everything.

Take a deep breath and a small leap of faith. Start with a couple of  tangible steps toward your dream.

For me, that meant investing time and money into a speaking intensive.

And over a year ago, when I saw a sparkly dress in a store window that I thought would be perfect for my
my first speaking engagement “someday,” I bought it.

(Yes, I knew it would look good with my paintings.)

Of course, my  Inner Critic, Edna thought I was nuts.

But all year long, that dress hung in my closet as a symbol of my believing.  And, as you can see, I finally got to wear it last Friday.

4. Keep your eye on the prize. Not the details. Remember, I asked  “help me unzip my gifts onto a larger stage.”

I didn’t say when or where or how big of an audience. (Trust me, I never would have had the guts to ask for 400!)

In his brilliant books, Manifesting Change and Leveraging the Universe , Mike Dooley says to leave the “cursed hows” up to the universe.

In other words, if you’re asking for your soulmate, envision what it will feel like to be with him. Not how tall he is or what kind of car he drives.

Go for the essence. Let go of the form.

(I learned this big time when I fell in love with Will  who is shorter than me. 26 years later, it’s still the best choice I ever made.)

5. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t you like helping someone who is appreciative and thanks you?

In fact, the more they appreciate us, the harder we want to work for them. Right?

Well, I believe the universe works the same way.

The more thank you notes we send for what
we already have, the more magic comes our way.

So, what magic is  your heart hoping to receive?

Maybe by unzipping your voice in this nice safe space,
you’ll be one step closer to your dream.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.


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33 comments to Ask. And who knows what you’ll receive.

  • Etta

    Hi -
    Heard so much about your dragonfly story, where can I get a copy? would love to read it.

    enjoyed reading about you and would love to be on your mailing list.

    thank you and best to you

  • Oh Wendi, your beautiful stories and positive words always come at the best times. I love opening your sweet and inspiring e-mails that land in my inbox, which always reset my mind and spirit. I love this particular quote, “Go for the essence. Let go of the form.” and currently am stealing it to be my internal mantra.

    Just wanted to tell you how much I love these gumdrops of love that you spread! <3

    • Oh, Victoria…what an adorable way of putting it….”gumdrops of love!” Now, I’m going to have to steal that….so we’re even. Sending you enormous love, you sweet, beautiful, wise goddess, you.

  • Hi Wendy!
    What a beautiful and inspiring adventure you’ve been on! Another one! Imagine that! I’m so happy to hear that you landed on a larger stage. Go you! Thank you for the lovely reminders to keep asking, visioning, appreciating, and doing what we can. It’s so true that the more we do of each of these things, the more they lead to more, and so on. I’m just getting into this flow and loving it. And thank you for sharing your adventures and experiences. I find it so helpful.

    • Dear Katy,
      It’s so funny that sometimes Edna, my Inner Critic will say “Keep your mouth shut. Don’t go sharing that with everyone.” But then, I decide to zip her up instead of me….and when I get a note like yours, it reaffirms that by sharing our personal victories, struggles, journeys, etc…we are helping each other. And let’s face it, we can all use all the help we can get.
      Thanks so much for sharing. It means a ton to me.

  • Honi

    You have an ability to inspire the heart and the mind. After I read your messages I always sit back in my chair and take a deep breath, which I normally forget to do. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


    • Thank you Honi….this means so much to me. Trust me, I write these to remind myself, too.Big hugs and much love to you.

    • Thank you, Honi…You are someone who has known me through all the twists and turns of the journey. And you always inspired me to keep sharing my words and my art….you and your Mom, way back in college. I’ll never forget all that encouragement…it still lives on in my heart.Much love always, Wendi

  • I just the morning made the decision that I am probably never going to meet the husband of my dreams (I’ve had one) and now at 75 I’m tired of the anticipation, the expectation, and the crushing disappointment of it not happening. Perhaps at 75 I’m past the age of getting married again which may not even be a possibility. I am experiencing great sadness, giving up a dream, and feeling as though I need to just accept being alone, loving that state and looking toward to a future that seems to be the one that I am living. I need to increase my income. I’m a first time filmmaker, at 75, that is pretty courageous, since I’ve never made a film before. See the preview clip of 10 minutes, it will be of TV quality and I believe I will be inspirational to many people. I’m done with even thinking about a man entering my life and want to move ahead making my life alone the best it can possibly be. I know there will be a grieving time as it always is when you give up a dream but I will be fine somewhere down the road. Thanks for listening, I’m not sure why I wrote, it just seemed right. Best wishes to you and your wonderful encouraging website. see my preview clip on http://www.patriciaweaver.net
    Patricia Weaver
    facebook – Pat Weaver
    925.938.4388 Walnut Creek, CA

    • Dear Patricia, I just looked at your website and am so inspired by you. And what a beautiful ageless woman you are with so many rich experiences. Who knows if you will find a man to spend this part of your life with. But I do know that the more we give ourselves the love, attention, caring and passion that we want from someone else, the better chance we have receiving it. . I have a feeling that’s true at any age or stage. The fact that you’re letting go of that and focusing on your passion project is very wise.
      I always say “let go, let goddess.” Something tells me that in following your passion you will create a beautiful film and relationship. Starting with the one with you. Much love and good wishes.

    • How very lovely to read your words. I believe I’m on the most beautiful trail and that is one of inspiring, loving and caring all people that I meet. As you say, who knows if I will ever meet a guy for a terrific relationship I just know that whatever happens it will be warm and wonderful.
      Thanks for taking the time to reply to a very personal note – I loved it! best wishes to you.
      Live inspired and walk in beauty!
      Patricia Weaver

  • Lainey

    Simply wonderful. Nothing more to say, but simply wonderful. xoxox Lainey

  • Angeline Scott-Chavez

    Bless you, bless you, bless you, Wendi!!! I am so grateful to have found you and your blog. I too found you through Maria Shriver’s blog and after reading your dragonfly story, I literally had goosebumps. You see, I’m a 52 year young dreamer who’s searching for my path too and I felt more encouragement from reading your post than I can express. I believe in magic and yet I haven’t always acted that way. Thanks for the gentle push with this new post today! Please let me ‘give back’ to you with a suggestion: Another encouraging ‘believer’ and artist I follow is: Susan Branch. http://www.susanbranch.com/ She is remarkable and even though you both have different styles – you are both incredibly positive women who I think should know about each other. (I’ve e-mailed her about you too!!!) So happy for you – please update us on how your gig went. I’m sure it will be a gateway to much more magic – both for you and your audience! – Love to you dear, – Angie

    • What a beautiful note, Angie. And I so appreciate you sharing Susan with me. Since I feel such an affinity with trees, I already connect with her last name!
      The speaking engagement was beyond wonderful. It’s everything I envisioned and more. It was like the words came through me and, from what so many women said,
      went straight their hearts. I must admit that I loved being on stage. But more than that, I loved connecting with the other women and hearing about their journeys. Thank you again for this very generous-hearted response.

  • I was lucky enough to witness your moment of manifestation and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. I’ve known you for years now and yet I feel like I’m just beginning to see the real you and I love it! You really are a “goddess-send” to me. xoxo, Laurie

    • I think that’s true, Laurie. It’s taken me a long time to come back to who I really am meant to be. And one of the true gifts is being able to share this growing, flowing
      thing called Life with you. I am grateful to you for some much…especially introducing me to Will. And to think that you were there with us at the speech….on our 26th anniversary too. That’s pretty magical. But then, so are you. xoxoxo

  • Nancy

    Wendi, This is just what I needed to hear today. I am in the midst of sending a pitch to the client whose work I truly want to help bring into the world in a larger way. This is no “normal” biz pitch and I’m feeling so fluttery and an itsy bit delighted just writing what I’m visioning of our collaboration!

    Love from Nancy
    (P.S. I met you at your OH MY GODDESS launch at Fred Segal…was that 3 years ago? I have your cards pinned up in strategic spots around my kitchen, office and studio and I check in with your TRUST THE FLOW art-heart multi-times/day.)

  • I LOVE this story and I have recently let go of the “HOW’s” too! Things always turn out better that I even imagined. GO Wendy GO!!!

    • Dear Kim, Ms. Sparkle Goddess herself. I am so happy to see you here. I can’t wait to hear everything you’ve been up to. Your glowing support has given my heart wings.

  • Way to go Wendi! You are the Woo-woo-woman. I have been visualizing my novel selling for some time now. I’m being realistic. (I’m NOT envisioning myself winning a Pulitzer or anything…) I want to hope that I’m doing this correctly- and of course my agent wants the same thing… it’s just taking time. You know the “antsy” of anticipation. Any other thoughts to get this thing sold? Should I build a shrine? (I just wrote a song for it.) Anyway thanks for showing me that there is a Goddess.

    • Thank you Nina….I have a sense for you that the biggest step is appreciation and gratitude for all you’ve done already. I’ve learned that the more we say “yes”
      to ourselves, the more the world says “yes” to us. It all starts inside. That’s my woo-woo-ness for today. I love creating shrines…not sure if they work but they
      are so Frida Kahlo-ishly creative. oxxoxo

  • Aunt Brenda

    Darling Wendi–I love your message and of course I always believe that you can manifest the changes in your life. Even when things seem beyond your control, what follows usually leads to new and better things.
    I love you.

  • rochelle

    You are a magical and magnificent woman. xo

  • This was the perfect, motivational morning read! And oh my goddess, you look amazing in that dress!!!

  • Joan Bright

    You’ve done it again. I shared your dragonfly story a LOT on Facebook because it struck me right between the eyes in a really nice way! This entry is also great – posted to FB with my quick recommendation to people to read it, now! and wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I have a dream and today is one of those days when I feel like it’s maybe always going to stay in the dream stage. This means so much to me to read right now. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Dear Joan, It is my pleasure.I know exactly how you feel…which is why I wanted to take this one example and break it down for others. And to remind myself, on those days of doubt. I’ll be sending positive vibes your way.

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