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Wendy Sue Noah: First Goddess of Transformation.


To me, a Goddess of Transformation is someone who has struggled. And has discovered the gifts of her struggle.

By finding what’s right when things go wrong, she changes the circumstances of her life. And inspires others to do the same.

Wendy Sue Noah is such a goddess.

Sitting across from her at Junior’s Deli in Westwood, watching Wendy savor every sip of a Dr. Brown’s Celery Soda, I felt like we’d known each other for years.

There she was, this vivacious, accomplished Boston transplant, who had graduated from college with honors and went on to become one of the social networking pioneers behind Match.com.

Nothing in her sparkly presence hinted at the fact that just a few years ago, Wendy and her five children had been homeless in Los Angeles.

I’m convinced that someday her life will be a movie (or maybe even a mini-series).

But for now, here’s one small chapter of it, in Wendy’s words:

Her struggles:

One day, my 8-year old daughter, Ocean, stated matter-of-factly:

“Mom, I never want to be like you when I grow up. I never want to be married to a man who beats me up and yells at me all the time.”

That was a turning point. I knew that things had to change, not just for me, but for my children.

So, I started to stand up to my controlling, violent and aggressive husband.  He did not appreciate the “new me”and ordered me to pack my bags and leave him and my five kids behind.

When I refused, he filed a temporary restraining order against me, telling the judge that I was, in fact, the abusive one.

On September 29, 2007, I was served and allowed just 15 minutes to collect a few valuables from my “home” of 10 years.

In this one day, I was homeless, childless and penniless.

Not being able to see, kiss or hold my babies, all I could do was pray and cry.

Her turning point: 

Since my family was back East and my friends were up North (where I lived before meeting my ex), I had nowhere to turn but to a Higher Source.

“Dear God, I have nothing but you.  No home, no children, no  money, no family… so take me and do what You will — if you want me to have full custody of the children, so be it, I will do whatever I need to do to give them the best life I can.”

Miraculously, my ex-husband’s, ex-wife opened her home and heart to me. With a roof over my head, I managed to gather the strength to find free legal help from the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law.

Against all odds, I eventually won full custody, even without a home, job or money.

Her gifts:

Focus on what you do have: Whether we were in a homeless shelter or a raunchy motel room, I consciously focused on the fact that we had a roof over our head, clothes on our back, food to eat, etc. By focusing on the positives, it helped propel me forward to what was next.

An attitude of gratitude: I made a choice to be grateful for the smallest morsel of progress and every smile from my 10-month old baby boy. When I saw my glass as half full, instead of half empty, it kept filling up with more blessings!

The power of giving: The one thing I had was a lot of  food stamps (due to having so many kids).The other guests at the shelter did not have this abundance, so I took them to the market and fed many of them for many nights. The more I gave, the more the universe gave me.

The big beautiful Noah tribe.

You’ll be happy to know that these days, Wendy and her tribe are thriving, grateful to be living in their own Home Sweet Home.

While the kids are at school, Wendy works in marketing and social networking.

She also uses her gifts as a “Master Manifester,” to help others transform lives from the inside out. (Who could possibly have better credentials?)

In awe of this amazing woman, I just had to ask how she can handle five children with such grace (when some days, I can barely deal with one 16 year old).

Her answer comes in the form of Mother Theresa’s famous quote: ”God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle, I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”

I am sure Wendy still has plenty of “oys” in her life.

But this Goddess of Transformation has clearly learned to harness the power of the joys.

And what a gift that is for all of us.

For more inspiration, reach her at: http://xeeme.com/WendySueNoah and @WendySueNoah on Twitter.

And please contact this Wendi  (that would be Me) at wendi@ohmygoddess.com with your nominations for Goddess of Transformation. (Yes, you can even nominate yourself.)

And as always, feel free to unzip your thoughts and feelings below.

After all, your story could help transform someone else’s.

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