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I hope you can wing it this Sunday.

Wow, time really does fly.

The Dragonfly Salon is this coming Sunday.

It was one thing to talk about having a “coming out party” for my paintings. And it’s another thing to actually be having  it.

I must admit, it’s been a dance between Oy and Joy.

Oy because it’s a little nerve-wracking to step out into the world and show your true colors. (Know what I mean?)

Joy because it’s what my heart is longing to do.

But I must admit, my paintings look pretty darn happy, hanging on the walls of such a nice spot in Century City.

I can hear them saying “It’s about time we got out of the garage and out into the world.”

As for me, I’m having the best time getting everything ready, being my Goddess-Is-In-The-Details-Self.”

Next on the agenda is sampling a Red Dragonfly Cocktail (or two).    

I can’t wait to clink one with you on Sunday.

I know I’ve told you ad nauseum, but I can’t help myself:

Sunday, March 17th, from 4-6pm*
BREADBAR at the Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Blvd.

* There’s also a yummy special price-fixed Dragonfly Dinner starting at 6:00 ($25 each).

Please RSVP for the Dragonfly Salon and/or Dinner as soon as humanly possible.

Just email me at wendi@ohmygoddess.com.

I hope you can come fly with me,
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2 comments to I hope you can wing it this Sunday.

  • Christina

    I just love the work you are doing Wendi. I am so so so impressed. Congratulations! I so wish I was there on Sunday to celebrate with you and see your wonderful paintings – I will be in spirit. xoxoxoxo

    • Dear Christina,
      Thank you for reaching out. That means the world to me. I will feel your joyful, loving support even though you can’t be there physically. Sending much much love and gratitude your way.

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