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The Year of the Dragonfly.

According to the Chinese, 2013 is The Year of The Snake,

But my dragonfly friends have a different point of view.

Yes, I said dragonfly friends.

I know it sounds strange, but over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to know quite a few of them.

It all started one day, when swarms of red dragonflies suddenly showed up in my garden, whirling and swirling above my patio umbrella. (I’d never seen a red dragonfly in my life.)

Just to make sure they had my attention, the whole gang came back three days in a row. (For more on that, read this.)

Since then, I’ve spotted dragonflies in the craziest places.

On Hollywood Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard.  The streets of Beverly Hills. Even on the freeway.

As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, at my friend Moira’s house, an enormous blue dragonfly flew into her garage and did a circle dance around my head. (If Moira hadn’t seen it, we would have both questioned my sanity.)

But I must say, the ultimate dragonfly woo-woo experience took place a couple of months ago when my husband and I were walking under the mighty oak trees at the Ojai Valley Inn.

I was telling Will about the book I’d just been reading by the pool. And how it talked about ancient cultures that worshipped the Goddess and actually revered older women. (In fact, they were honored as High Priestesses and Medicine Women, valued for their wisdom, experience and leadership.)

Just as I was launching into how different things are in our current youth-obsessed culture, I stopped mid-sentence.

Suddenly, dozens and dozens of whirling, twirling, swirling red dragonflies appeared out of nowhere.

Again? Seriously? More dragonflies?  (In all my years in Ojai, I’d never seen a single one.)

Okay, that was it. There was no ignoring the fact that the dragonflies had a message for me.

But first, a little Dragonfly 101:

You see, a dragonfly spends most of its life as a “nymph” (an alien-looking larvae-like creature) crawling around the bottom of a pond. (This stage can last up to four years.)

Then, one seemingly random day, the nymph climbs out of water, onto a reed and out into the sunlight.

There, it sheds its skin and reveals its true dragonfly self.

Transparent wings unfurl. Magical colors emerge. And the dragonfly spends the rest of its life soaring.

And then it hit me. That’s what this was all about.

I’m a dragonfly. And maybe you are too.

-Have you found yourself  submerged in the dark waters of self-doubt?

-Is the Real You somewhere in hiding?

-Do you have gifts and passions that you long to express?

-Do you feel like there’s something you’re meant to do but you’re not sure what it is (or how to do it)?

-Do you worry you don’t have enough time to fulfill your dreams?

Yep, I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one. Which is what I believe the dragonflies have been trying to tell me.

Well, I’ve finally gotten the message:

It’s time to start a Dragonfly Movement.

I’m not sure exactly what that means or how to do it.

But I do know, deep down in my soul, that no matter what age or stage we’re at in our lives, we’re meant to crawl out from under our fears and give our hearts wings.

When one of us dares to shine our true colors, it lights the way for all of us.

Here’s a little poem that flew into my imagination (along with the painting above.)
Kind of a “Dragonfly Manifesto.”

Take to the skies

Colors twirling
Passions swirling

Hide no more
Express, explore

Ageless, cageless
Soaring sages

Find out what you came here for

I’d love to know if the idea of a Dragonfly Movement moves you.
And, of course, feel free to share whatever’s on your mind. Or in your heart.

(Just leave a comment below.)

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26 comments to The Year of the Dragonfly.

  • ” I believe it helps to know that we all spend plenty of time slogging around in our own mucky ponds.
    And that when we are stuck down there, magical changes can still be happening….that we can’t always see or recognize.”
    This resonates so deeply with me. I am fascinated by your dragonfly muses. Thank you so much for relating their beautiful message. I had no idea I was a dragonfly…I feel like I’m seeing myself with a new set of eyes…dragonfly eyes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am deeply inspired by your words and images.

    • Ginny, thank you for reaching out here. I am so happy to hear that my beautiful winged friends are inspiring you and giving you hope. That’s what they’ve done for me. Stay tuned….there’s much more wisdom and inspiration coming from the dragonflies and me. xoxoxo

  • So beautiful Wendi!! Love love love the idea of the movement! I’m also feeling a call to create a nourishing community somehow. I’m seeing lots of overlapping circles of community with whose support we can all shine our lights and gifts more and more. Yay!! I love the artwork and the poem too. Go you!

  • Tony

    I believe Janine and I were visiting when the dragonflies first flew on to the scene (or shortly there after). I’m glad they are still enchanting your life!

  • My dear Wendi,

    My Dragonfly Goddess! I am so moved by you and the movement of the soaring of women, or as you so eloquently say it – “ageless, careless, soaring sages!”

    Love your heart, your movement, and that you follow your calling to uplift others, along with yourself.

    You are a GEM!

    Wendy Sue

  • Krista


    I know this was sent to many, but I feel it was meant for me.

  • Sue

    Dragonflies came into my life with real meaning 14 years ago when my mother died. After her death I was visited daily out at our pool by Dragonflies. I just knew that they were messengers from my mom. Then one day a friend arrived with a metal sculpture of a dragonfly…with a special message that she believed that they were also sent from those we love we had never discussed my feeling until then. I still have the sculpture and several other dragonflies in my home. One special one hangs in my studio where it catches the morning sun and sends beautiful colors dancing around the room…a reminder everyday of the love that is surrounding me always.

    • Oh, Sue…thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful way to celebrate the endless bond between you and your mother. And to feel the enduring presence of love in your life and home.

  • Carol

    Dragonflies are very special to me, too, and I tend to see them when I need the message: be light and joyful. I was told that they represent the mystical connection between water & air / the mind & the heart. Please consider making prints of your glorious dragonfly ~ I’d love to have one.

    • What amazing timing, Carol. I was just going to the printer on Monday and had been debating about whether I should make the dragonfly painting into a print. And here was just the message I needed. You definitely get the first one, my Dragonfly Goddess.

  • Elya Braden

    Love the idea of a dragonfly movement! I’ve had several sightings myself in the last year or two, often seeming to send a message of transformation and self-love, but none quite as dramatic as yours. :-)

  • Love the story, love the whole meaning behind the dragonflies; love that you are doing this. With you all the way.

  • Wanita

    oh my, could it really be the year? I love Dragonflies- I do feel like I’ve been drudging and sludging- I’m scared, but I think I’m ready to fly sister- thank you for your inspirations

  • Mia Saenz Whitmore

    Your heart, art and words are incredibly beautiful. I too am a Dragonfly Goddess, watch me as I dance the dance of Life.

  • Nancy

    Thanks for this today, Wendi. I have a big huge challenge to deal with today and just got another one heaped on my plate last night. In the midst of these, I have a beautiful new-love-life that keeps me feisty and positive. But today’s business was starting to feel like a slog. When I got to these words of your dragonfly post, my heart began to resonate a big YES! “…no matter what age or stage, we’re meant to crawl out from under our fears and give our hearts wings. When one of us dares to shine our true colors, it lights the way for all of us.” Re-reading these words keeps my heart ringing, as clarion as a bell. Sending love back to you. It is Year of the Dragonfly! Nancy

    • Oh, thank you, Nancy. Nothing makes my wings flap happier than knowing that something that came from my heart touches someone else’s.
      I am sending love and light in support of your Yes. And also, I believe it helps to know that we all spend plenty of time slogging around in our own mucky ponds.
      And that when we are stuck down there, magical changes can still be happening….that we can’t always see or recognize. Thank you for reaching out with such love and affirmation.

  • To my ageless, cageless, soaring sage dear friend…I believe you are the real deal when I read your words of wisdom. And I join you in your movement. It’s time to fly!

    • Ahhhhh, thank you, Laurie. Takes one to know one. I feel so blessed to be growing my wings while surrounded by your love, wisdom and beautiful, bolstering support.
      Much, much love, dragonfly sister.

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