Who am I anyway?
After 25 years as an
award winning
advertising Execu-
woman I'm on a
campaign to inspire
women to unzip their
inner joy through
my writing, paintings
and transformational
speaking. To find out
more about me
over here.

Do you know a Goddess
of Transformation?

Each month we'll honor
a woman who has
changed her life or
someone else's. 

Contact me to
nominate yourself or
another goddess
(and tell me why).

Oh my goddess! This is really becoming real.

I started doodling the words “Oh My Goddess” on a piece of paper 18 years ago.

All this time, I’ve had a vision of inspiring other women to be true to themselves and their dreams.

Honestly though, there have been plenty of times when my dream seemed like  a hand-painted figment of my [...]