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Thanks for the angst.


It’s easy to be thankful for the mashed potatoes and gravy of our lives.

You know, the good stuff.

Those moments when you know, deep in your bones, how grateful you are.

For your family. Your friends. Your home. Your body. Your life.

The sky above. The earth below. And a gazillion miracles in between.

Our gratitude journals are full of evidence that life is good.

But what about when it isn’t?
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My favorite gurus have green hair.

My inbox is packed with inspirational messages.

My shelves are stuffed with transformational books.

Yet, the teachers I learn the most from never say a word.

They just stand there.

Strong. Sturdy. Unshakable.

I’m in awe of trees.

They wear their seasons so gracefully.

From vibrant blossoms to twisted trunks and gnarled branches.

Isn’t it funny how we can see the beauty in every age and stage of a tree’s life ( even without Botox, fillers or tummy tucks).

But we’re not nearly as embracing of our own.

What if we could view our own dark circles as rings of wisdom?

(I’m working on it but won’t be giving up my Bobbie Brown concealer anytime soon.)
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